Yea, that's me, T man,
T.I. dot com bitch,
TIP fuck wit ya boy, hey that is my brotha ladies and gentleman T.I.
And he is the king, bitch, don't get that shit twisted,
And me, I am the best rapper alive ladies and gentleman, hello!
This is the drought 3 and it's been a minute since I rapped on a Mannie Fresh beat,
But uh,
I guess I'll go ahead and show these niggas what to do with one of the beats man

I like my seat down low and my window slightly cracked
Riding with a bad hoe with her girlfriend in the back.
I like to get real high and I never look back
And you don't wanna try me and don't I look strapped
I come from the hardest city, ain't nobody fuckin' with it
Got a black and gold sole with a fresh New Orleans fitted,
And a collared polo and a pair of bally bucks
Young money motherfucker know you worried about us
Cash money motherfucker C.M.R. I trust
Never had my jaw broken but his jaw I bust
And I probably got your girlfriend on my bus
What happens on my bus stays on my bus
And that white widow weed out the jar is a must
If you gimme a cigar then a cigar I'll bust
Put that white widow weed in the cigar and puff
Look ma I'm trying to make a porno starring us
Well not just us, a couple foreign sluts
Yeah, We could make this some menage a trois-ing darlin'
I be with Jim Jones and we be ballin' ballin'
Yeah baby we ballin' like Rawlings and Spalding
Pint of DJ Screw and that Hawaiian
I am leaning like a three-legged lion
Climbing, right to the top of the motherfucking mountain
Counting, I'm gonna need me an accountant to count it
Mannie got this fucking beat pounding, it's pounding
But it was just lost until I found it, I found it
Stole it like a scoundrel, Hollygrove hound it
Put this bitch to sleep, fuckin' right I nightgown-ed it
Niggas talking cheap, tell them niggas pipe down bitch
Bloods in the building and now everybody soundless
Beatin' up the track like a motherfucking round fist
Blind, deaf or crazy I will spit like a long kiss
I am just a Martian ain't nobody else on this
Planet, I know see I live by my only
Where my cheese nigga? where my macaroni?
Baby I get up in that ass and act a donkey
Candy on candy nigga grippin' the grain
See I am the only fire that can live in the rain
I am so, so New Orleans
Like 1825 Tulane

See you gotta be from New Orleans to know what fuck I'm talking about
And if you don't, fuck you

Lyrics submitted by Relinquo1

Seat Down Low (Top Back) song meanings
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    General CommentLove this one, rhyme, flow incredible.

    I had to listen to this line "We could make this some menage a trois-ing darlin'" with my headphones turned way up like 15 times before I actually figured out what he was saying, and damn, what a great line/rhyme. How often would you see menage a trois rhymed with a sports equipment company?

    "Put this bitch to sleep fuckin' right I nightgown-ed it" love that one too.
    Relinquo1on September 04, 2009   Link
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    General Commenthaha he goes so hard on this song. love it.
    likegiantson January 05, 2010   Link

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