i took my love onto the beach
we swam alone until he came
it got so bad i had to tell him

wayne wayne, go away
you don't belong here, say
wayne wayne, go away

in nineteen hundred seventy-two
there was a boy much bigger than you
he used to smile and stick out his tongue
remember he was so very young

i took my love onto the beach
we swam alone out of his reach
it got so deep i had to tell him

his mother never gave him a spank
he was a boy as big as a tank
i shoulda gave him some of my fist
but mama mama wouldn't like this

i took my love onto the beach
we swam alone out of his reach
it got so cold i had to tell him

he had a big black tire to float
it made him look like jupiter's boat
he used to say he liked to eat shark
and like a tree he knew how to bark

i took my love onto the beach
we swam alone out of his reach
it got so dark i had to tell him

i took my love onto the beach
we swam alone out of his reach
it got so wet i had to tell him

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    General Commentpoor Wayne born to be a gigantic pest
    savingupspendon July 17, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI feel like "Wayne, Wayne, Go Away" captures the best--and most maddening--about R. Stevie Moore.

    If Moore had written a "straight up" lyric, I suspect he'd've been able to retire on the royalties from its performances and recordings by greater luminaries. It's one of the most beautiful melodies/accompaniments/song structures he's _ever_ written.

    But that's where it... Well, I shouldn't say "ends"... because the lyrics _are_ interesting, as a kind of cubistic representation of young love and general, anarchic youthful energy. Including "horn dog" sexual energy, looking to bust out, wherever it can.

    I was never able to help hearing Moore singing as himself, from whence one gets the impression that the scenario is gay. But I guess it's not supposed to be a stretch to hear the voice as that of a young girl. But that kind of direct, out-of-control expression of sexual energy--without recourse to the buffering (softening) effect of "romance"--is more typical of a guy. So....

    In other words, I guess I found it hard to hear the voice as female, as it seems like a typical "guy's world" description of sexuality.

    And that's why the tune languishes in cult classic hell. Other than that, it showcases Moore's talent as a conduit for good ol', down-home pop tunesmithing.

    And, make no mistake, that talent is very well represented in this tune. You're struck by his very clever melodic segues (from the second to third iteration of the main theme ("it got so <> bad I had to tell him..."). And his extended dalliance on the leading tone at the end of the main bridge ("..., say hey hey <>HEY...") reminds me of Thelonious Monk.
    razajacon February 04, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationIt's interesting to me that razajac interpreted this song as dealing with a gay scenario, as I had never seen it even close to that way before. I can kind of tell where he's coming from. Maybe he thinks that Wayne is supposed to be the "love" that keeps getting referenced in the song.

    But I always thought that there were THREE characters in this story; the narrator, the narrator's love (since Moore is straight, let's say female), and the unwanted third wheel, Wayne. The narrator is trying to score at the beach with his girlfriend, but Wayne isn't being a good "wingman" and won't give the two of them any privacy. Thus, the exasperated narrator finally has to drop the subtle hints and tell him to get lost.

    What really makes this music is the somber atmosphere. I can imagine Wayne easily....an awkward, but friendly social outcast. Maybe he talks a little too loud, a little too much. And he has no recognition of giving people space. Based on the sad vibe of this song, the narrator probably pities Wayne to a certain degree, and feels guilty for being so brash. Just listen to those sighing backing vocals and the melody for "You don't belong here...say hey hey hey...."

    This song gets even better with the addition of ocean waves and some fascinating opening music: youtube.com/…
    JonathanEon April 27, 2015   Link

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