where can i feel there is
no fall like night?
like last night was the last night of summer,
and now there will be nothing...
we will look for beauty in the death of the trees,
in our withering old, in a troubled future soon to
be reborn....
our streets will run red with the leaves who don't
want to go
i don't want to grow
old in this skin
i feel like i sin when i watch television.
now that our season of greatness has ended and
life is out of season
the trees committed treason
i would love to fall in love right now but i don't
know if my conscious would allow...
brian wilson knew when he asked for an endless
summer without leaves falling to the ground from
planes in a blue sky. all our leaves fall from
we burn all our leaves in an ocean of wind and
we will leave nothing behind but why did they
have to?
we can always regrow the old wood.
i don't feel i know my own face anymore i don't
think i can trust my own face.
how will i look at myself in the mirror with a face
like this? i don't know...
i will try to love you,
even as i try to leave my skin behind.


i didn't know what was allowed standing in my
arms around you
i didn't know what was allowed standing with my
arms around you
sleeping in this late city
walking under sun is setting
walking in uncertain city
dancing on the roofs are burning
slipping into wet city
sleeping under trees are falling
breaking into locked city
stealing the last day of spring
tripping on uncertainties
don't know if we should be kissing
mosquito bites and sweat dripping
dancing cause my heart is standing still
walking down this street dissembling arm in arm
this holy heart holding hand in hand is all i'm asking
holding on your shoulder holding onto oh i know
we're unnerved if we do and unnerved if we don't
fumbling with broken tongues
arm in arm
who cares whether we do or don't we go
with constant love and fierce trembling oh i know
snake bite and angel wings that
you and i are so

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    General CommentFirst of all, I finally bought Cough to get the lyrics right in order to post them just so I could comment on this song. Second, I don't think I've ever heard a song with such a HUGE disparity between its written lyrics and its sound.

    It's based on a poem by Saul Williams, from his book of poems entitled S/HE. I downloaded Cough to hear this song. Well, between Daniel's screeching (<3) and the general chaos of his and Hugh's layered vocals, I couldn't understand a fucking word. But judging from its timbre and mood, I assumed it was an angry breakup song. So imagine my surprise today, like 4 years after I had already made up my mind what the song was about, I finally get the lyric booklet, and the lyrics aren't angry at all, or even that passionate, rather a quiet, melancholy meditation on love, death/dying, and the death/dying of love. Anyway, this introduction is unnecessary, but it's amazing to me how incredibly incongruous the lyrics and music are. Moving on.

    Using the seasons to describe a cycle of events is obviously not that groundbreaking. But the imagery is so strong, it doesn't bother me that it's a little trite (let's also say that the creativity of its shocking sonic delivery makes up for it, shall we). Anyway, the song is "spring into winter," but as most people know, there are two whole seasons that come between spring and winter. The death and decay of winter progresses into the life and rebirth of spring, but this isn't that kind of song. There is obviously something broken in this cycle.

    "where can i go where there is no fall like night"

    (which works on two levels, being a reference to the absence of fall, and word play on nightfall). And fall is the harvest season, so skipping straight from spring to winter is skipping entirely the season's bounty, not to mention summer, the season during which everything grows to fruition. Yes, this is all very boring. I could dissect it like a poem, word by word (and I have, in my head), but I'll wrap it up. (really beautiful musicality in the lyrics though, which are actually better heard when read, rather than heard by listening to the song, since the vocal delivery is so frenzied and masking, it's hard to hear how nicely the words fit the together and internally rhyme.) Right, boring. Skipping to my favorite lines:

    i don't feel i know my own face anymore i don't
    think i can trust my own face.
    how will i look at myself in the mirror with a face
    like this? i don't know...
    i will try to love you,
    even as i try to leave my skin behind.

    The body betrays the mind, and I guess the heart too. Trying to love, rather than loving, while hoping (impossibly) to reemerge as something more beautiful suggests a mid-life crisis, or at least a lament for lost youth. These lines echo what I believe is meant in the last line:

    you and i are so

    this line was taken from the Williams poem, and it is such a perfect close to the song. Not only does it fit the uncertainty of a crumbling relationship and leave it open to interpretation, but it's also a mini-poem in itself. It could mean that there really is nothing to describe how [you and I] are, and so it trails off. That's probably the more superficial reading. But I tend to think it means that [you and I] are SO, simply because we ARE. Seems to be saying...love the one you're with. Time will tell if we die together, or if we just die, but right now, we are in the transitory process of dying together, and it's not that great, and we are getting old and ugly, but we are what we've got right now, so whatever.

    God I love this song. And Saul Williams. So much so that I don't care I wasted an hour typing this up.
    artsluton August 27, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song is impossible to sing along to. Great job on the interpretations guys.
    PhilipWithOneLon December 03, 2009   Link
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    General CommentGod damn I just LOOOVE Saul Williams. Something IS broken in the cycle.... Maybe the man is GAY? That would make sense. But I think he's had a rough go of coming to terms with it! I think he needed to drag an old friend along for the ride. And she is sooo nice that she took the trip with him. And she is fine with it.

    Now her advice would be: GO GAY or GO HOME. Not half-assing both. One or the other, brother.

    This song is an all-time favourite!!!! You GO, Robbie! I'm with you 100%! In real life!
    CatHadMyTongueon March 19, 2010   Link

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