I woke up with a tag between my toes and my feet were frozen.
I could feel me dreams decomposing and my nose was bleeding.
She was ghost, leaving me holding my rib.
She did it gently. I could tell by how the sheets were folded.

Carefully, on this old bed that we hardly slept on.
She always kept calm when I said, "Go ahead, mommy...get gone."
I guess her get up and go must've got up and jetted.
Fuck it, forget it. There's nothing except for me and my cup of regrets.

Come into my love nest. A dungeon of fuck-fests.
Plunge into tunnels my tongue wets. Come and get some sex, kitty kitty.
Drink from the titty sink 'til you're drunk unless
You cry over spilled milk, suckled from the young breasts

Hung less than juries, surely, don't upset the poet.
Tapping random body parts like they're sturdy drum set components.
Certainly some bend and undress just to know what it's like,
To touch success...they're unimpressed by sunsets at night.

I'm more than certain she hurts inside from all this shit.
Drawing a curtain, blurring the line before crossing it.
Calling it quits, a ball of shame is bouncing back and forth.
I'm sipping from the same container, downing 6 ounces of backwash.

Doused with bath water til all consequences fade away.
Doubts are on back order, false confidence on layaway.
I bought a Providence apartment 'cuz of the way it detracts
Dangerous strangers and attracts the mangiest of stray cats...

But uhhh..when I let her out of the bag look what she dragged in:
An overpowering dad who never let her have things.
If this world was mine I swear to Mom I'd give it to baby girl but maybe
If this girl was mine I'd give my Mom a world of babies....

Instead of murder cases, waiting for her to save me
From unconfirmed-age girls I've dated since the early 80's.
Flirting with Fate, because I heard she's the first lady referred to as crazy.
Cutting out the middle women...cutting out little children.

Sitting on a couch, sickened to my inflated stomach.
The baby in me is kicking...buckets...and I'm jaded from it.
I couldn't hold onto her...afraid of breaking something.
No longer knowing the difference between making love and hate fucking.

No longer knowing the difference between hate fucking and making love.
It's the difference between her virginity and experience with date rape drugs.

Who am I to judge why you hide behind that make up?
Look at me peeking out from Kool Aid-stained mugs.
Who are you to judge why I've got these sexual hang ups?
I look at you look at me...and we're in the same club.

Unfortunately thoughts can't be aborted when the seed gets planted
deep into the guy hiding his pot belly.
I snore when I sleep; it kept her up, keeps her out, keeping her quiet.
I wonder what else she didn't have the heart to tell me.

She didn't have the heart to tell me.

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