Tilly Goldberg, when you come to me
In nightmares cripplingly creepy,
Guillotines become Shinto toriis, you
Keep the story from getting gory
Seems I'm stuck again in a funeral home
The tone is Catholic and depressing
Heard some guns shots, suddenly I've got
Six new holes in...
My already...
Aching, Eucharist-filled abdomen.

It's just a dream you've fallen into
And though you're riddled with bullets
Any moment, this scene will end.

You pulled the throttle
Now I'm like a champagne bottle
I'm bubblin' over
I'm the picture of affability
All of a sudden,
this cantankerous curmudgeon's
All smiles and charm
Total strangers throw their arms around me.

And when this dream ends, another one begins
And when this dream ends...

Tilly Goldberg, you appear to be
the only person who can see me.
Colonel Panic can't attack if I'm
Hiding under your penumbra
What a pity, antique furniture
Descends like rain upon the city
From my window, saw my child self
Crushed by a De-
Bookshelf filled with Union literature.

It's just a dream you’ve fallen into
Daytime's crooked reflection ever bending light in your head

Oh, what a party
Always fashionably tardy
When I make an entrance
People hang on my every sentence
'Cause I'm so becoming,
Everyone’s a buzzing hummingbird
Drawn to my flower
And with amorous praise they shower me.

And when this dream ends, another one begins
And when this dream ends...

Out on our tandem bike
We take in all of the loveliest sights.
These runes look Etruscan
No, wait, they're Long-Islandese.
Here beneath our four eyelids
Our bike became a sea-bound mustelid.
And into the next dream we dive,
Two heads under two bodies left behind.

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