"Ur A Wmn Now (Your A Woman Now)" as written by Otep Shamaya, Otep Shamaya, Holly Knight and Holly Knight....
Stars Litter the Sky
The Moon Is Shining High

This Soft, September Night
Two Lovers Creep Out Of Sight

A Maiden Dressed In White
With Copper Hair

Restless For Adventure
She Don't Care

That the Wolf Is In Disguise
She's Been Ensnared

He Got the Devil In His Eyes
& Stylish Flair

He Shoves Her To the Ground
Her Soul Begins To Drown

A Sky Full Of Eyes Where the Stars Should Be
A Sky Full Of Eyes Watching Silently

You're A Woman Now
You've Become A Woman Now

The Weight Of the Cradle Has Broken the Bough
You've Become A Woman Now

Mama Woke Me Up At Dawn
She Helped Me Get My Best Dress On

She Braided Flowers In My Hair
So Sweet Was the Summer Air

I'm To Meet My Groom Down By the Sea
A Perfect Stranger To Correct Me

The Judges Arrive In Pairs Of 3
Don't Be Scared, Just Relax & Breathe

Good Girls Hold Real Still
Surrender Your Free Will

They Cracked the Crown
To Pluck the Pearl

Here On the Jagged Edge
Of the World

You're A Woman Now
You've Become A Woman Now

The Weight Of the Cradle Has Broken the Bough
You've Become A Woman Now

Standing On the Welfare Line
My Daughter Clinging To My Side

I See the Faith In Her Eyes
I Whisper, Baby We Will Be Just Fine

I'll Get A Good Job
& We'll Find A New Place

I'll Work Real Hard
& We'll Make Our Escape

I Promise You I Will Get Us Through
Together We Will Bloom

You're A Woman Now
You've Become A Woman Now

The Weight Of the Cradle Has Broken the Bough
You've Become A Woman Now

You're A Woman Now
You've Become A Woman Now
You're A Woman Now

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    General CommentThis song is so beautiful.
    I think that this song is about realizing what the real world is like. It's really not that safe, romantic world children like to believe in. And when you realize that, that's when you grown up.
    HystericRomanceon August 23, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe song sounds beautiful, but when I listen to it, I'm getting some really horrible images from the lyrics, about what different societies consider marks the difference between a girl and a woman.

    The first verse is a girl being led into the dark by a boy who forces himself on her, taking her "virginity". ("She's been ensnared" and "He shoves her to the ground").
    The second is a young girl being taken by her mother to be circumcised, being held down while this happens. ("Don't be scared, just relax and breathe / good girls hold real still / surrender your free will", while the imagery of "they cracked the crown / to pluck the pearl" and "the jagged edge of the world" suggest the mutilation itself).
    Finally, the third is a young mother in a welfare line, wanting a better future for her daughter.
    morethanadreamon August 24, 2009   Link
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    General CommentMorethanadream,
    I somewhat agree on your perception on the first verse but...

    Your opinion on the second verse is rather irrational. It's obviously about an arranged marriage, to someone she has never really got know. That was very common, and is still happening in other countries. "Good girls hold real still / Surrender your free will " means to not flee from the altar. She is writing how marriage takes over, how men used to force their wives to do all the housework, cooking, child raising... They didn't have much time to get out- so, it basically saying "goodbye to your personal freedom"...

    Also, the third verse Otep said was about her mother and her.
    Miss Lucyon August 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song makes me wanna cry. =/
    I adore Otep and I absolutely love Emilie Autumn, having them together just makes my heart explode.
    I completely agree with Morethanadream's explanation.
    I mean the second verse seems a bit out there but I think it sounds closer then arranged marriage, just because the lines, "they cracked the crown / to pluck the pearl."
    VioletaTheCannibalon August 29, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI still don't understand how you guys get circumcision from that line...
    I don't see how that symbolizes it at all. I get the thought of a literal crown, and a pearl, referring to how marriages were sealed with a crown back then. Or just to ruin a girl's childhood by forcing her into marriage at a young age.
    It's just not clear to me. I still think it's just a mother basically giving away her daughter and forcing her not to flee from the altar. And that good girls don't run away from their commitments..
    Miss Lucyon August 31, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI kind of had to rush my post when I first commented, but I have more time now so I can elaborate on things.

    Well my interpretation of the second verse kind of hit me out of the blue; I'm an autistic, and my personal experience of the world is that when I think about something I get a rush of different pictures and ideas that I associate with it - sometimes they're ideas that relate and overlap with it, sometimes they're contrasting or outrightly opposite ideas, often they're only related to the original concept by a tangent, but it's from this wide range of comparisons that I synthesise my feelings and interpretations.

    The line about the pearl made me think of Fiona Apple's song Sullen Girl, which isn't about circumcision but about rape (whereas to Fiona the pearl represents the girl's liveliness and spark of joy, the image I have here is of the pearl representing the clitoris). I was also thinking about Otep's song Menocide, which she wrote after reading about circumcision. The british poet Carol Ann Duffy's poem "Oppenheim's Cup And Saucer" also swirled about in there (though this was pretty tangental; the poem is about a lesbian affair and refers to a piece by a swiss surrealist artist). As well as this, I brought to mind the various articles and reports I've read about circumcision, about both female genital mutilation in
    africa and male circumcision in the western world.

    I'm not sure I've ever come across any information about a marriage being sealed with a crown, Miss Lucy. Is there a specific society or time-period you have in mind?

    As I was posting from the library and my time was running out, so I missed putting that in a lot of places that practice female circumcision (I'm thinking specifically about clitoridectomy, which I know a number of places in Africa practice) it's a prerequisite for marriage. If it hasn't been done, the girl gets overlooked when finding a husband.

    I'll admit I'm basing a lot of my interpretations on what associations I have for the language used in the song, so it doesn't carry over to other people who haven't read or seen the same things I have. But I'm not claiming to have a definitive answer, just what this means to me.

    PS I'm really enjoying reading everyone else's responses, so please keep replying! XX
    morethanadreamon September 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThanks for explaining that in detail.
    It's interesting to me how you related all that, especially with autism. I don't have it, but I've studied about it, so I definitely understand that. It's very fascinating to me...

    I guess it could mean female circumcision, but I think it's not wise to assume (not implying you are) that every song written by one artist are all related... Then again, Otep does that, in a way. (Am I making sense?) I just don't think it's very likely for some reason. It's not very common to do that anymore, even in Africa.

    And pearl- in a way, I was thinking the same thing you were. But I imagined the 19/18th century when this song came in. The king would usually call the daughter his precious pearl (actually, a lot of people do it nowadays, too) without any other sexual innuendo.... But some religions and cultures there are crowns involved, I suppose. But I also thought it could mean someone's childhood (girls would run around being princesses and faerie tales, I suppose), and symbolizing just youth and enjoyable life. And to take the pearl from it (usually a big piece in crowns back in the day) would just destroy the whole value of it.
    So, by forcing a girl to be wed to a stranger for whatever reason (usually money, blood linage... I've been thinking about King Henry VIII for some reason now!) ruins her childhood. She is forced to bear children and become a housewife; she is thrown from her childhood. Mainly, the crowns I thought of 18/19th century, European culture. A lot of the times back then, the clergy themselves would wear such things... (but that's irrelevant)

    I just thought of the mother comforting the young daughter while she's waiting for the (presumably) older groom, telling her not to run away... for reasons it'd wreck the image, dowry lost, whatever- you guys get the point.
    I'll check out the song and poem you mentioned, though. I just really thought it could all be about marriage, but it definitely could be the mix of that and circumcision. (but why jump from the altar to getting mutilated? it was, according to some cultures, required BEFORE marriage, or she was unfit for a wife...)

    I understand.
    I interpret this song, basically all others, too, in different ways. I appreciate you replying and clarifying for me on your opinion.
    This is, after all, just sharing our personal opinions... (:
    I wish Otep would say something about this song.
    It's so beautiful and moving and the emotion just drips from her voice.
    Miss Lucyon September 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI was finally going to get around to posting here again, with the intention of saying that I'd taken your comments on board and agree that the middle verse wasn't about circumcision, when I discover an interview with Otep where she confirms the verse is about genital mutilation. I'm not posting this in some petty "I'm right - see?" way, I'm posting it because it's a insight into the song.


    Very final question she says:
    " "UR A WMN NOW," I wanted that to be deceptively beautiful. I wanted it to be this song where, I don't know, a father is going to dance with his daughter at her wedding, not knowing the chorus. Really not knowing that what they're singing about is the archaic rituals and philosophies that decide when a girl becomes a woman. Is it when she loses her virginity? Well, what if she gets date raped? Is it through these barbaric mutilation rituals that still occur in Africa, where they mutilate young girls' bodies so that they will never enjoy intercourse with their husbands? Or is it, as in the third verse which is based on my mother, is it becoming your own person? Is it taking responsibility for your own life and living that life to the fullest and doing whatever you can to make sure that you achieve the destiny that you deserve?"
    morethanadreamon December 25, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningTo me, the first part of this song is talking about a young girl that is forced to lose her virginity {She's Been Ensnared/He Got the Devil In His Eyes & Stylish Flair/He Shoves Her To the Ground/Her Soul Begins To Drown.}

    The second part of this song is talking about this young girl being forced to be married to a man she barely knows {She Braided Flowers In My Hair/So Sweet Was the Summer Air/I'm To Meet My Groom Down By the Sea/A Perfect Stranger To Correct Me.}

    The third part is talking about her taking her daughter away and starting a new life so she doesn't have to go through the same thing she did {Standing On the Welfare Line/My Daughter Clinging To My Side/I'll Get A Good Job & We'll Find A New Place/I'll Work Real Hard & We'll Make Our Escape}
    fallendown13on February 17, 2010   Link
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    My OpinionThis song is amazing and to hear the soft tone of otep shamaya i can really hear the emotion bleeding through the song.
    I feel this song explains how there is no real significance of when a girl becomes a woman. in many cultures it's sealed with a celebration, a marriage and even unrealistic things like circumcision.

    In life i guess you could say it's up to the you, the female, to figure out when you've become a woman.
    Is it something physical that has effected you emotionally, or is it taking some sort of responsibility that will impact you for the rest of your life.

    It is hard to choose because sometimes some people do not recieve a choice. That is why becoming a woman is not always the best thing if you were not ready to leave your childhood. Becoming a woman is supposed to mean freedom, taking on the world with charge, and feeling satisfied with what you've accomplished...

    that is why this song speaks to so many people. It speaks of the negative ways to become a woman.

    I love all your replies. Otep Shamaya is amazing and a great poet.

    Sanergyon July 02, 2010   Link

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