Hey everybody wherever you are
They've got a new way of talking and it's gonna go far
You take the letters in the words
Turn 'em around
Say the last one first and check out the sound
Talk Backwards

I know what you're thinking
That it sure sound strange
You talked forward so long that it's hard to change
But it's just like metric once you get the drift
You twist your tongue and give your palate a lift.

You take your favorite phrase
Read it in the mirror, practice that about a half a year
And then sdrawkcab gnikiat mI em ta kool
You're a regular talking bassackwards fool
Talk backwards

Talking backwards is the new sensation,
Talking backwards is sweeping the nation
You amaze your friends when you start to rap
Don't say pass the butter, say rettub eht ssap.
Rettub eht ssap? Rettub eht ssap.

And if you're out with a girl and she's a
Little bit shy don't say I love you; say
Uoy evol I. uoy evol I and I always will, Now
See if that doesn't take off the chill
Talk Backwards

Just the other day I was walking down the street
And there was this little girl I thought I'd like to meet.
I said excuse me miss but sserd taht teg uoy erehw.
thgin ta tuo emoc yeht srats ekil era hteet ruoy

And I said am I getting through to you yet
She said you're a gent in the first degree
And I love it when you talk backwards to me
Talk backwards

You never can tell, but one of the nights
Those who talk backwards will demand their rights.
They'll rise up angry and get a solution
In the form of an amendment to the constitution
That guarantees 'em freedom of reverse elocution
And then every T.V. show that airs
Will have to be captioned for the forward impaired
Talk backwards

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