I’m on a bus to baton rouge
with dog shit on my shoes
I’m not on a vacation
My travel is taboo
My dealer calls me Godspeed
The Feeds call me a mule
And the driver of the bus looks like he's been sniffing glue
I’m breaking out in sweats
Just trying to keep my cool

With interstate trafficking, the charge is federal
But I’m going to make a million dollars
Swallowing balloons
So I could have piles of coke
To cook up in my spoon
Addicted from the womb, hope I don’t end up in a tomb
praying to my mama hope to see you really soon
tying off in bathrooms
Louisiana by noon
If the coppers try to catch me
I’m reenacting high noon
Higher than an airplane
My mind is like a cyclone
While drug enforcement agents check for evidence at my home
I practice Santeria in my palm I juggle chicken bones and pray that they don’t lock me up
A prisoner in their catacomb

I need another fix as I taste in on my lips
and this greasy little courier keeps staring at my tits
My hotel smells like piss
They’ve got hookers up in
For twenty bucks they let you fuck
For ten they suck your dick
But I’m not having it
Here’s the money I got to split
But I need another sec to tape on all these bricks
Drop me at the bus stop and driver make it quick
Pretend you never saw me
Take this 20 as a tip
Now my bus is not leaving until 20 after 6
And I need to chase a dragon before I pitch a fit
Let me find a private place so I can try this shit
As mama watches over me
I know it makes her sick
Just a little pinprick can never make you make me wince
China white is on my mind
So let the high commence

The New York city skyline
The best I’ve seen in days
Sleeping on this bus claustrophobia’s got me crazed
But what the h
Has keep me numb
My visions in a haze
I need to take a shower
Or at least just wash my face
I wish I was at home
Alone to masturbate
I’m just trying to make it back
So I can find a better place
My vanity is raped trying to eat off this plate
And all this fucking hate
Everybody is fake

Relieve me of the package close my eyes then pull the tape

Then count out every dollar and that that was 10 it wasn’t 8
Mother fucking grand for carrying your weight
I’m not trying to get fucked
I’m trying to get paid
Now let me get some shit
With this money that I made
It’s a pleasure doing business
I hope you're happy
I’d really love to stay but I’m already running late
I got a date with death

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