Hello, brodies welcome, thanks for coming, uhhh
This will be the second annual Incredad jalerpeno eat off
Uh we've got some fierce competitors today starting with myself, Zamboni
To my left is the infamous Broseph Stalin
And wrapping things up will be J-to-the-Orgufstufstin
So without any further adieu, the "communist law" will be laid down by Broseph Stalin
Broseph, uh, the floor is yours
Here I come!
There I go!
Broseph Stalin on that jalapeno!
It's gettin hot-n-spicy!
I eat 'em raw!
You take 'em breaded lightly!
Filled with cream cheese!
Sex symbol!
I eat all them jalapeno for the hammer sikle!
Alright that was Broseph Stalin rippin it up
Next up your gonna hear something from me, Zamboni
Hold on to your hats cause i love jalerpenos
I'm a sucker for bong loads and college frat bros (yeah)
Passed out hos, bros, and jalapenos
Jalapenos! Hotter than pepper-chinis you know
Zamboni eat 'em fast, the others be eatin slow (yeah)
There was an old lady who lived in a shoe
Had so many jalapenos didn't know what to do (and she said)
It's gettin hot in here
So eat ja-la-pe-nos
All my amigos eat jalapenos
Okay, it's me Zamboni
That was my verse, I thought it was pretty solid
But we got a real treat for ya even though me and the other bros' been eatin alot of jalers
This last guy eats the most
He goes by the name of J-to-the-Orgufstufstin
And he's gonna blow your mind balls
Hi kids, do you like violence? (yeah hahahaha)
Wanna see me eat jalerpenos till they're popping out my eyelids?
You wanna eat the most and win the contest just like I did?
Well you can't
And if someone told you could well then they lie-ed
Ninety percent of my life, I've been lied to
Like Broseph tryin to say he eats more jalerpies than I do
And Zamboni goes...
Nothing you idiots
His mouth is closed, full of jalerpenos
But if ya feel like I feel I got the antidote
Women wear your panty hos eat your jalerpany-os
Cause I'm J-to-the-Orgufstufstin, the real J-to-the-Orgufstufstin...
Okay, alright, that was solid stuff
Uh, I wanna thank everyone for coming out
Uh, with the possible exception of J-to-the-Orgufstufstin, who we all despise
But, look it, there are no losers here today, only winners
And by that, of course, I mean, myself
Uh, see you next year at the ol' Incredibad Jalerpeno Eat-off
This is Zamboni hahaharight hahahayeah
Zamboni, on the outro hahahahaha

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