Well Tom Gan's dad was a military man
I met him when he started playin' bass for our only local band
He was tall and he was quiet
And as a kid he had lived everywhere that you can live
And after a few years, well, he got used to it
Then finally, at last, his father, he retired
And they told him he could go anywhere he wants to go
But he just didn't know 'cause anywhere seemed fine to him
So he took a dart and he threw it at a map
And it landed dead center, it landed dead center on Bloomington

And I was fallin' for this girl that said she was a witch
She also said she was no longer with her boyfriend
Even though she was there in Vincennes living in his apartment
And we'd all stay up late and talk about forbidden things
The blesses and the curses and the things that we believed
We shared ghost stories and fell asleep right there on their carpets
And Tom said, "There's this place that you really all should see
There's this wicked tree stump rooted in a haunted cemetery
And if you set up on it, well you will surely die"
So we went in the car and went for a ride

So we wandered down the trail and into the darkened woods
We found that evil spot just where he said it was
We didn't dare, no we didn't dare to get too near it
And I didn't know it then but I'd be back again
And I would tell the same tale to a dozen newfound friends
And do my best, I'd do my best to spread this lovely legend
When we decided to retreat and get something to eat
It was already two in the morning
Tom said he knew this place that stayed open real late
They made good pizza so we shouldn't worry

We went to Rocket's that night
And I had no idea how much this place would mean to me
And as I ate my slice I swear I could taste my destiny
A couple of days later my life had become a wreck
The witch was mad at me and so was her boyfriend
And it turned out they were both crazy or both in love with me
The answer to that riddle I don't think I'll ever get
Tom asked me if I would move to Bloomington with him
And I said yes and I said maybe we could start up a band
So I packed up all my things and became a new person

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