Summer was almost over, I was at the threshold of my life
And I didn't have any plans at all
All I'd ever done was play in the woods all day
And Dungeons and Dragons all night long

And when next August came I would be turnin' eighteen
And I'd probably have to try to find a job
So like most kids do I decided to go to school
So that I could put that off

And when I told my parents the news
Some news I thought that they might like
Well, the look in their eyes was nothin' but surprise
And the first word that they said was, "Why?"

The first year went by just like a bad, bad dream
Some curse had turned me into a beast
And I was too afraid to ever leave my room
For fear of what the sun might do to me

But I don't want to talk about that here anymore
No, I've said everything I wanna say
As the year came to its end, the curse it was lifted
I guess sometimes monsters do get slain

And that summer I called up Valerie
This girl I'd met five years before at the skating rink
And it didn't take her long to fall in love with me
Sometimes I think that's just what a monster needs

She gave me some tapes of some local punk bands
And more importantly, the Violent Femmes
And I began to see what would become of me
And I owe her my life for that

When school started again she helped me move in
We saw a guy who look just like Robert Smith
She said, "My dear, you know you're gonna love this year
And you should become friends with him"

And that's just what I did, yes, I made so many friends
And I convinced my best friend Joe to come with me
Together we became so different, so the same
Like a newborn cow spreading out its wings

And that winter I met entropy
As things started to fall apart on me
I broke that girl's heart and Joe went home
It's hard to fly when you first get your wings

After Christmas break, well my room, it was so empty
It seemed like everybody had changed
Well maybe it was me, maybe I was forgetting
The person that I used to be

Or maybe I was just waking up
To become the person I was to become
Either way I knew that my school days were through
And that I couldn't stay where I was

But I had nowhere else to go
And I knew I could never go home
And each night in my bed I counted questions in my head
This was the first time I really felt alone

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