I won't say who I voted for, or even if 'twas Gush or Bore
Nader or Buchanan or that natural party person
But I knew things were boding badly when they beat my boy Bill Bradley
And now we've gone from worse to even worsen

On one hand, we've a whiner who is prone to groan and grunt, it's true
While disagreeing in debate, this practice did perplex us
And then we have the other one, a good ol' boy, his daddy's son
We can't expect too much when he has trouble running Texas

Americans from coast to coast have chosen whom they like the most
The voting has all come and gone and now we need a breather
The count is in, the tally's done, at least the first and second one
The clear cut winner of the day is neither

That's the truth, no matter who you chose to win
There's just about precisely one more person who had picked some other way
Not exactly what I'd call a mandate from the people
We had a really hard Election Day

I love this country, yes I do, there's freedom in red white and blue
But colleges that don't exist I do not get a kick from
With all the brilliant minds we’ve got, it doesn't really say a lot
When these two are what's left for us to pick from

How 'bout a teacher or a chef, a social worker, someone deaf
A farmer or some clergy, or an actor
No, we tried that
A secretary or a nurse, it's not so bad, it could be worse
A songwriter for president, would someone certify that?

Just anyone with common sense, not straddling some middle fence
With courage and conviction, some compassion and some solace
Maybe all those absentees in Florida will count them please
Or maybe we'll ask Mickey Mouse or Elian Gonzalez

We've had a really hard election, strong and stiff, with no protection
Lawyers paratrooping into every Florida city
It's clear we can’t find one we like, would both of you please take a hike
We'll run our own darn country by committee

Another thought, perhaps the best thing
Inaugurate the cast of West Wing

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