Another day at Moses Brown, a high school in Rhode Island
Announcements every Tuesday and a forum for the kids
To have a chance to stand and speak, to share their feelings once a week
Never had that kind of thing when I was back in school

So here was Tuesday, 10 AM, right in the school gymnasium
Silently some 40 students rose up from their seats
Walked down to the front and formed a line to face their classmates
Each held a paper sign with one big letter on each sheet

This was a day of silence for many 'round the country
To lower their voice in union with all people who are gay
The 40 kids who held their ground were spelling out a question
"What will you do to end the silence?" is what they didn't say

A roaring stillness filled the air, the hush eventually provoked
A couple other students muttering this is what we'll do
We want to form our own group, it's called the "DFD"
Different silence followed, with a stifled laugh or two

But those three letters caused a stir that ripped right through the school that day
Emotions had been triggered that could no longer be denied
Notes on the opinion board opened up the floodgates
Soon everybody knew those letters stood for "Die, fag, die"

Next morning came, the word was out, a nerve had been exposed
A special meeting in the gym, and everyone was there
Furious, the principal declared her disappointment
That such a thing could happen in the halls that they all shared

"We've always prided Moses as a place where all are safe" she said
"Regardless of our differences, beliefs, and what we do
These words that we heard yesterday diminish human dignity
I thought our school a haven, now I know it isn't true"

One by one now others rose, both faculty and students
Some defensive, others outraged, all would have their say
But as each person stood and spoke, a wall was slowly building
Brick by brick, a wall of pain was rising there that day

The meeting nearly over now, the room on razors edges
No one knew just how to bridge this gap or what to say
Then Corey Clinton stood and cleared his throat, the gym fell silent
Everybody at Moses Brown knew Corey Clinton was gay

Corey Clinton, gay, they knew, he'd never tried to hide it
His notes on the opinion board were there for all to see
He raised his voice and looked around and spoke to all assembled
"All I've got is love for you. What do you have for me?"

"What do you have for me?" he said, and simply sat back down again
Instead of adding to that wall he’d opened up a door
And afterwards a bunch of kids came up to Corey crying
Including some who'd hassled him so many times before

Another day at Moses Brown, a high school in Rhode Island
Announcements every Tuesday, never know what they might be
Though Corey's off to college now, his words still echo through those halls
All I've got is love for you
What do you have for me?

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