When you sleep in white
You looks like a teen angel
Heaven stars sparkle light
Don't steal her soul tonight
Tube socks pulled up high
Like the Twin Towers
Hairnet paradise
Lovers at midnight
Broke hearts when we fight
Tears in our eyes
Drunken long train ride
You were new in town, all mine

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Teen Angel song meanings
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    General Comment*my interpretation is kinda the obvious..

    this song makes me feel like cocorosie is describing a teenage girl in which she is compared to an angel and how perfect she is and how much the artist loves her..and it describes the feelings created when staring at God's wonderful creation..i also think its about someone who is staring at a girl while she sleeps and praying that she doesnt die before she wakes...it really is just a beautifull song..PURE POETRY..
    uspeak2slowon August 14, 2009   Link
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    TranslationI am pretty sure instead of "tears start pouring out her eyes", the lyrics are "Tube socks pulled up high", instead of "lovers at midnight" it is "thought love was at midnight", and instead of "spin me right", it's "when we fight", and maybe even "broke hearts when we fight".
    I know that in a really powerful live performance of this song, Bianca begins by explaining that she is being accompanied by an electric guitar, and that it is taboo because she was abused with an electric guitar.
    I believe this is a song highlighting the beautiful and confusing moments of an abusive relationship.

    The thought of tube socks in relation to the twin towers is haunting because it gives the image of these pieces of clothing falling off just as the towers fell, and relates the same horror in the pairing of the imagery.

    The song is incredibly beautiful, it is one of my favourites.
    chelseapon May 29, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI think the lyric is:
    "You looks like a TEEN ANGEL"
    Also, when ever I heard the line: "Drunken on train ride", before reading these lyrics I thought it was "Drunken untrained eye"
    Either way, I love this song! I wonder why CocoRosie never play it!
    It reminds me of John Keat's poem, "Eve of St. Agnes", where Porphyro is staring at Madeline, as she sleeps.
    CallumRuaridhon March 10, 2011   Link
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    General CommentChanged the lyrics according to the new "consensus" and what I hear.

    The line "thought love was at midnight" is unclear. In the 2006 version it doesn't sound like she sings the first word, so it COULD be "lovers at midnight". But in later versions, there's a word there that sounds like "thought".

    Also in later versions, she sings "you look" instead of "you looks" but I kept "looks".

    Lastly, to me the whole line "heaven starts to sparkle light" seems dubious, but I haven't heard any other suggestions.

    The rest is pretty clear.
    punchon July 07, 2013   Link

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