was born in Illinois, just a tiny baby
Little tiny baby boy way back in Illinois
Learned to talk when I was one, learned to walk soon after
Taking steps and making noise I learned to look for laughter
Started school when I was 5 I kissed the girls much later
Had a crush on Amy but I was too young to date her
Failing at the age of 5 to prove myself a man
So I started violin, the flutophone and piano

When I was in the 4th grade I fell for Miss Shapiro
Started reading Superman and he became my hero
Even though I couldn't fly I did what I was able
Leaping in a single bound right from the kitchen table
Flying through the house pretending sister was my villain
Fighting through the years until she turned me on to Dylan
That took care of Superman in favor of the stereo
Chad and Jeremy, oh my, and Peter, Paul and Mary, oh

Entered in the working world at 13 years of age
Ten bucks every Saturday was my working wage
My best friend in high school taught me the guitar, oh
We spent every minute like there was no tomorrow
Every day we'd sing together, music was our past time
Swearing to each other that there'd never be a last time
But age would have us witness our relationship unravel
He took off for business school and I went off to travel

At 20 I went overseas looking for direction
I discovered I was only starving for affection
So I came home to see the girl who wrote me loving letters
But when I showed she changed her mind and I had to forget her
Got a job working in some warehouse for the city
Empty handed lover boy all buried in self-pity
I learned a lesson, yes I did, I'll not do that again
Falling for a stranger fails nine time out of ten

So I became Alaska bound, oh I was 23 then
Many different jobs I found, oh I was very free then
First was advertising, then psychology
Then I heard the music call and that was it for me
Something in those melodies and being on a stage
Exciting to my soul, it was the time I came of age
Found what I was looking for, perhaps what I was given
Entertaining thoughts of entertaining for a living

Then I went to New York town, got a steady girl
With all the oysters I had found she had the only pearl
True to form I took my time and she was gone one day
Sometimes you don't know what you've got until it's got away
We never had much money but that never had much meaning
We always had our choices and we did our share of dreaming
We had come to be just like a hand inside a glove, oh
Living in this world today you need someone to love
And that's what I have learned in all these years I've told you of, oh
Living in this world today you need someone to love

Living in this world today you need to know your love

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