"Paranoia" as written by and Daniel James/hendricks Denton....
[Moka Only]
It's all in your head, you need to unwind
You're losing your grip, the paranoia never ends
It's all in your head, what you see in your mind
There's no reason to trip, the paranoia never ends

[Mad Child]
Sometimes I stare at the wall when I'm alone in my room
I'm an abusive reclusive like Dr. Doom
Parts of darkness descend and consume me
You won't believe the gloomy thoughts that run through me
I'm proof playing heads if you spend the night
You leave the next day like "I don't think his head's on right"
I try to talk to myself but I don't listen
I've got split personalities in competition
And which one's the man, that I...I've got issues
I could be standing in front of your face and I'm not with you
Schizophrenia, Shayne's brains distorted
Sorta compulsive, obsessive, disorder
Mathematical pattern addict with defect mind
Before I go to bed I hit the light switch seven times
Yes it's on, nevermind, put the knife back
Mad Child I'm out of my mind, but I'll be right back


There's no one behind you, there's no one beside you
There's no one besides you, you know as well as I do
There's no voice inside you, that shadow isn't moving
You must be losing to confusion having illusions
Still you want to prove it, paranoia
That someone might be coming for you, no ones trying to kill you stupid
There's no Norman Bates, peeking in your window
There's no Patrick Bateman trying to pick you up in limos
You pop another pill, to try and calm your nerves
But prescriptions make the descriptions a lot worse
You seeing red bursts, and then your head hurts
You should have checked under the bed first
Crawling on all fours, locking all the doors
You must have flown over the cuckoos nest and lost your course
I thought I told ya, don't let that shit control ya
'Cause paranoia will destroy ya just a lesson for ya


[Moka Only]
When your mind is acting wild
And you swear you're insane
Can't nothing help you out
Of this trap you're in
You don't know which way to turn
And your head is in pain
Can't nothing help you out
Of this insanity

[Moka Only]
Yo it's paranoia in your brain cell
You think the world's looking at you but you can't tell
You need to find yourself a hobby or something and stop frontin'
Nobody's out to get you, nobody wants nothing
I think you got a chemical imbalance
When there's silence, you swear you hear talking and sirens
Maybe it's a different environment that you need
But whatever it is, your mind's dying to be free
You're trying to perceive with the usual procedures
Your chest's feeling tight; you think you're having seizures
Maybe you're just trying to hard to fit in
You need to let that shit go and get counseling my friend


Never ends
That's what it is man
I'm losing my head
My mind is spinning man
I'm racing
I gotta unwind
It doesn't stop man

[Moka Only]
The paranoia never ends

It never ends
I'm afraid of what I might do man
It's in my head
I might need to check myself
It's in my mind
I might do some fucking crazy shit

[Moka Only]
The paranoia never ends

Never ends
Somebody needs to help me
Talk to me man I need help
I don't think I can handle this

[Old School Sound Clip]
You're crazy you're crazy man you're crazy, I like you, but you're crazy

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"Paranoia" as written by Kiley Hendricks Daniel James Denton

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