On the floor of some motel room down in Florida one spring
I fell victim to the charms of Nanci Goldman
We'd kissed a lot in high school, that's as far as it had gone
And I was sure I'd be a virgin as an old man

All too nervous and naively I believe we said goodnight
The next thing that I knew she was above me
Her eyes were full of fire, somehow mine were full of fear
I fell silent when she asked me "Do you love me?"

We never did a thing that night, I've often wished we had
How often do you get a chance to touch someone like that?
I don't mean in clumsy passion or that lonely lover's shove
But that moment when you lend your heart to love

That summer I was living at the house of my best friend
And one day he introduced his girlfriend's cousin
To say that I fell hopelessly in awe of Patti Jo
Would largely understate the state I was in

We were laying round the living room one steamy August night
The next thing that I knew I was above her
My eyes were full of fire, somehow hers were full of fear
Neither one of us had ever had a lover

We never did a thing that night, I wonder if we had
If a dose of clumsy passion could have really been so bad
But she was scared and so was I, and neither sure what of
I guess that moment when you lend your heart to love

I only mentioned Nanci for the feelings she unlocked
And Patti was so pretty, but we never even talked
Now both of them are married, no redress and no regrets
I was only warming up for what was next

In the kitchen of my sister's fifth-floor walk-up in New York
I sat staring in the gaze of Mary Fisher
Never had I fallen on such gentle, gentile eyes
And never such an urge as then to kiss her

We were fumbling through the small-talk silence, grasping every straw
The next thing that I knew we were embracing
I don't know why but somehow I knew this was what I'd missed
I could tell just by the way my heart was racing

We stayed up talking all night long, that's mostly what we did
And when the sun came up we stumbled to the subway like two kids
And that's when I began to learn what we'd been talking of
About that moment when you lend your heart to love

If you're lucky maybe once in life you'll have the chance to find
Someone to give your heart to whose reciprocally inclined
You'll never know it's coming and you won't know what to say
Just drop everything you're doing on that day
And don't you ever let that moment slip away

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