I put self loathing at the end of a string,
drag it after me, swing it like it wasn’t a thing.
And I can sing in Japanese; please, don’t say to prove it.
Maybe I forgot it when the music got interluded.
Who did? Front, tell a lie? Did he mumble?
Did his sky-high credibility crumble?
Double humble was he then, and polite in speech?
Did he make escape? Has he escalated out of reach?
Or is he bringing each and every one of you a message?
Did he suggest that if you’re depressive it could presage
not loving getting termed otaku?
But I don’t understand shame. I’ll leave it to you.

(This world has walls, a ceiling.
Outside, cars drive by.
The sunlight roasts my flesh.
Even a bird who chases a rainbow
finds itself blindsided by a plane.)

I get my heart broke every afternoon.
Up on the BBS about it, home alone in my room.
Doom on the computron: this is back when
I could attack them for being intact men,
while Frontalot was in a boyhood way
without the talent, yo, to fake it, like I got today.
I made play for the ladies. Where? In my head.
If I could get them in my room I’d make them watch the Evil Dead II
from my bed, then over the heels how they’d tumble.
Otaku never sews it up. Thimble never gets a thumb-full.
Some bullshit’s true, but most of it isn’t; don’t make a hullabaloo.

I hear tell that on the island it isn’t okay
to hunker down, play Wii Surgery all day,
to then WoW till the morning hour in the dark;
out-of-basement journeys upon which you don’t embark.
Stark contrast to this spot: nerds are “hot.”
I’ve been observing in the media, they mention it a lot.
They can rot with the popular kids they paraded.
It still isn’t impossible to get elevated.
Now, Frontalot ain’t sated in the third or the first person –
whichever inhabits this verse worsens the who, puts it in pieces:
a word we got in the states, you spell it n e r d s.

Kabe ga aru 壁がある
tenjou mo aru 天井もある
Kono Subarashiki Sekai wa このすばらしきせかいは

Ekishou gamen no hikari de 液晶画面で
Bokura ha asa wo mukaeru 僕らは朝を迎える
Taiyou no nai riaruground de 太陽のないRGで
Bokura ha sora wo tebanasu 僕らは空を手放す

Soto de ha kuruma ga hashiru 外では車が走る
Shigaisen ga hada wo yaku 紫外線が肌を焼く
Niji made tondeyuku kimi mo 虹まで飛んでゆく君も
Hikouki ni hanerareru 飛行機にはねられる

(This world has walls, a ceiling.
With the glow of our LCD screens,
we greet the morning.
IRL, lacking the sun,
we have no need for the sky.)

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