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In our lives, how do we perceive?
Do we know whats right or do we just believe?
We can name when it's black or white.
It won't look the same when it's shades of light.

I woke up this morning to the
interview on the radio.
It was this bitter old lady preaching 'bout
how much she hated the world.

And it hit me like whiplash, oh but I
couldn't get up to turn it off. It was
Like watching a car crash.
Your mouth is open but you can't find a word.

Attacking the people
With the book she molested in the palm of her hand.
How can you take what is based on love
To hate those you don't understand?

And it hit me like whiplash, oh but I
couldn't get up to turn it off. It was
Like watching a car crash.
Your mouth is open but you can't find a word.

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    My InterpretationFirst off, I would just like to say that this is a great song - Enough so to finally get me to join this site and contribute. Without further adieu, here is my personal interpretation of the song:

    I feel that this song starts off fairly simple and philosophical: How do we determine what is right and wrong, what is to love and hate? Using the comparison and metaphor of black and white, the leader singer (Phil) compares that when things are seen as and ARE completely evil or completely good, we can easily tell (perceive) what they are.

    Yet, when things are different shades of light, perhaps in gray tones, things no longer look the same to us - It's hard to tell if they are good or evil, to love or hate, as stated before. Consider perhaps the TV/book series show Dexter. Dexter is a serial killer, but he kills only those that he deems evil by his code, thus he is only ridding the world of perceived evils. So is he a hero or a villain? Neither - He is a "shade of light."

    The next lines are straightforward and obvious, until Phil gets to the part about "whiplash," and "couldn't get up to turn it off." I feel we have experienced this all in our lives at one point or another - Something that shocks, upsets, or enrages you to a point you're in disbelief but just can't bring yourself to stop listening or watching - And you can't tell why at first. You later find out it was because you took such a contradictory view, you just had to keep listening to how much the antithesis you are witnessing conflicts with your views or ideas. Perhaps not in a bad way, it's just new to you, thus rendering you speechless "like watching a car crash."

    The lines about the "book she molested," more than likely reference the Bible, since the Bible is supposed to be based off love (depending on your view, I take a neutral stance for the sake of this interpretation). The singer is using the rhetorical question to ask the woman how can she use this book of love to judge and condemn those in the "world she hates" when she really doesn't understand. He is also trying to point out that her speech and "preaching," directly contradicts the book she is holding and possibly abusing ("the book she molested") in literary terms, since it is supposed to be built off of and support love, yet she is preaching of nothing but hate.

    Once again, the singer is speechless as he listens, as he repeats the lines about the car crash. Overall, thing song seems to be about how he maybe not takes offense to, but is rendered mute by how she so obliviously contradicts herself and uses the "book of love," for all the wrong reasons, and wonders how human nature perceives good and evil, what we hate, etc, thus going back to the beginning on my interpretation.

    Kenusugaon January 06, 2011   Link

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