"Resurrection" as written by and Tobias Dundas Lorenzo Sillito....
In the cold stone walls
House where the fleeting dead fall
A mother
Is crying

In the darkest of hours
Left with her perilous thoughts
They circle
To squeeze dry
Her soul

She said
Lord, Imma' lose my baby
Lord, Imma' lose my way
But if
Living means I'm dead here
Come hurry
And resurrect me
When the sun goes down
Into another night's arms
We're babies
In a scavenger's glimpse
Then a neon cross shines
And shows us to tread on the line
Of guilt trips
While love grips
The blind

I said,
Lord, Imma' lose my head here
Lord, Imma' lose my way
But if pushing means I'm stuck here
Come hurry and resurrect me

Imma' drop my head
Before I'm ready to stop
Imma' drop my head
Before I'm ready to stop
Imma' dig that grave
And fall in line for the drop
Before I'm ready to stop
If I'm ready or not
Imma' drop my head
Before I'm ready to stop
Imma' drop my head
Before I'm ready to stop
I'm going to ride my time
Before they throw out the clock
Charge you burn by the hour
Make you pay for the drop
Lord we're gonna lose our heads here
Lord we're gonna lose our heads
Imma' dig that grave
Imma' dig that grave
Imma' dig that grave

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"Resurrection" as written by Lorenzo Sillito Abby Mandagi


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    General CommentI've heard that The Temper Trap are quite religious so I think this is a message to God. Asking for help. I think it's saying that we are influenced by so many things and we do the wrong thing even when sometimes we think it's the right thing.
    We're babies in a scavenger's glimpse' means that we're vulnerable and we can easily be swayed and manipulated.
    And, 'Then a neon cross shines and shows us to tread on the line of guilt trips', means that we believe we're following Gods wishes but actually we've been misled by something else.
    I think he's asking for God's forgiveness, to resurrect him, to wipe away his sins and make him pure again in a better life.
    CharlieBeanieon November 01, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI don't know what the message in this is, but I love this song anyway...
    superstar5677on September 13, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningExcuse the length, but I wanted to cover everything:

    Artists, poets, and authors will often refer to religious stories or mythological fables to relay their point in a more glorified manner. (experienced ones anyways) With the image of a mother crying, the plea to god: "lord, imma' lose my baby", and the antagonist's conclusion "living means I'm dead here" the crucifixion of Jesus most definitely fits our bill.

    However, the song uses the story metaphorically to appeal to a universal idea. We can assume this is the night before the crucifixion by the way Marry speaks of her son as alive and yet to be "lost'. If we were to see the antagonist as someone like you or me this 'crucifixion' could also mean an upcoming trial that is bound to test the limits of our physical, mental, and/or spiritual capacity.
    To jesus, "living meant he's dead here"; if he did not go through his trial then his entire purpose of living is obsolete. It's either die literally or metaphorically. So might as well go through your trial; and, if you die trying nothing was lost, right? This is exactly what the antagonist concludes when saying, "Imma drop my head/ before I'm ready to stop!" "Imma dig that grave/ and fall in line for the drop" I'll keep going even if it kills me.

    But at last the song's meaning is revealed: "we're babies/ in a scavenger's glimpse" To compare us to babies would be saying we are vunerable and in need of protection; the scavenger is a force that intends to inflict harm. However the neon cross shines and shows us the way we need to go. The cross could literally mean god or metaphorically faith, in god or in our cause. Either way: the song is about not giving up and having faith in what you're doing; then maybe you'll be 'resurrected'.

    grizzly93on October 25, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI think Temper Trap may be a religious Band. I see comparisons of these particular lyrics with the prophecy of the end of the world. Three Days of darkness.. resurrection of Christ. In the prophecy there is said to be a cross that shines above in the sky for all to see. My mother loves Jesus so she is always warning me of what it is to come.. Or perhaps just coincidence.. that the lyrics match the last prophecy of Fatima.. I'm not religious but I have a knowledge of the Church. Rather freaked me out lol
    Mila1982on November 12, 2011   Link

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