I've got my baby
Blue tuxedo
But my tie has vanished
From the scene
I guarantee
This won't be the last headache
I face tonight
I might just call it quits
I'm not made out for this

I grab my corsage
Run out to my '89 Accord
Quickly, I turn the key
Hope today it likes me

Engine sounds like a tiger, a tiger
That was born to compliment my attire, attire
So I pulled up to her house, her doorbell
Lit up, while I pushed it like a fire, a fire

And out came a beauty that
Knocked me off my feet, I
Pull myself back up
And told her that she's pretty
We laughed about it as I let her in my car
The fact she's still here is simply bizarre

So we did not get far
Before I realized that my car
Was below E, I could not believe
This, so I stopped, got out
Pumped gas, and hit the road
But not before my drink
Spilt onto my slacks

To my surprise, she laughed
As she ripped from her dress
A piece of cloth, and wiped
It against my neck

My heart's beating like a hammer, a hammer
So nervous that it compliments my manner,
my manner
She's sitting there with a smile, a smile
She could be on the cover of glamour, of glamour

She's with me,
That's got to count for something
My posture tonight hasn't been exactly stunning
I hope this night doesn't end with her running
But she's the only girl that I would be loving

We got to the prom at around 9:30
Walked into the room, and nobody was dancing
You grabbed my hand, and dragged me in the middle
I was so scared, everybody was glancing
Focused on the plan, and I started moving
I confessed that I'd been crushing
This poor fella, is what people actually told me
Your feelings were the same
And you thought you even loved me


"Ladies and gentlemen
I'd like to proudly announce
This years prom king and prom queen!
Do you have any special words you'd like
To say to everybody?"

This is not what I had expected
Real or dream, I slapped myself to check it
She's still here with me, so I reckon
I will hold her hand and
Cherish every second

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