"Flawed Methods of Persecution & Punishment" as written by and Jordan Brown Mike Green....
I cannot cope with all this hope gushing like blood
I cannot get my stomach to understand
We can't bring these taken lives back

Explicit truth is blunt
It is uncensored. It is aware
My sadness evolves into hate
I want to know why no one told me

Cowards are hiding using systems that are failing

Tell me what I can do to stop this
Injections of miscarried justice
Make us aware

And who are we anyway to empower ourselves
To however take all others live down
The problem is it's one thing to control, another thing to expel
We falsely convict by misleading the witness,
even proven deaths of many innocent
In the name of what God should we ever be allowed?

Cowards are hiding using systems that are failing
Answers are getting buried as powers keep abusing
(Resolution seems so possible. Integrate a compassion into control)

Tell me what I can do to stop this
Injections of miscarried justice
The method's flawed and I feel hopeless
Hurting to raise my state of conscience

It's been concealed for ten years and ten before for centuries
Concealed from forthsights and knowledge bases of our communities
(So what are we gonna do now? So what are we gonna do now?)
So what are we gonna do now to change this?

Make us aware, aware, aware
Make us aware, aware, aware
I want to heal the haunt
I want to know how to stop
I want to make a difference
Don't want to feel useless
Decipher out the true crime
Everyone mis-steps sometimes
Remember there is always
Another side to what we know

No more anguish
No more torture
No more suffer
Call for restructure
No more anguish (No more anguish)
No more torture (No more torture)
No more suffer (No more suffer)
Call for restructure (Call for)

The method's flawed but I am not useless, no
I'm singing to raise higher awareness (Make us aware)
Tell me what I can do to stop this (Make us aware)
Injections of miscarried justice
The method's flawed and I feel hopeless
(Concentrate the efforts made)
Hurting to raise my state of conscience
(Admit the fault and help reshape)
Tell me what I can do to stop this

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"Flawed Methods of Persecution & Punishment" as written by Daniel Coddaire Audelio Flores


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Flawed Methods of Persecution & Punishment song meanings
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    General CommentThis song is amazing. 8)

    this is what Jordan Brown said:
    It's about a documentary I watched called At The Death House Door, put out last year by IFC.
    It's about the priest who looked over all the death-row inmates and executions in Texas, from 80's throughthe late 90's, I believe. The film affected me so much, because it was him telling these stories and sharing these journals he had, and seeing the lives of the families who were affected by this, coming to find out there's evidence of proof that their brother or son was actually [wrongfully] taken.
    -AP (magazine)

    katadtron August 07, 2009   Link
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    General CommentJordan: "I wanted to write a song for the record based on a documentary I watched called "At the death house door." The film deals with several accounts of severe mistreatment against prisoners on the texas death row, some of whom were later proven innocent after execution. It's a terribly flawed system, torturous and inhumane (most of the executions in the US each year are botched and prisoners will suffer great physical pain while waiting to die by lethal injection), and the officials who are running it are unwilling to admit they have done anything wrong. The thing that struck me most while watching this documentary was the great sense of hopelessness sitting deep in my stomach, feelings that there were no actions I could do to change these crimes and that the cowards committing these acts were completely above me and out of my control. It was as if I'd just have to deal with this sharp sadness coming over me, but I was able to find resolution in writing about my thought in response to these injustices. The hope is that this message will reach new ears. Spreading awareness of what is happening. It would be through this awareness that we can one day make a much needed change in the world. I encourage everyone to go out and watch this film and learn more."
    Prominenton August 09, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI'm not usually right when it comes to songs, but I just read the above comments and I am right. Go me.
    Molz017on October 29, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationWhen I first heard this song (with my interpretation of the lyrics, which were pretty close once I checked), I thought it was just one big long rant about how they were against the death penalty. I say that impartially, that was just my impression. I have always thought it was and still think it is a good song musically.
    But after having read the other comments (and deeper into the lyrics), I'm starting to wonder if they're less against the death penalty itself and more against the "flawed method" by how we implement it. Would they still be against the death penalty (they may actually very well be for it; once again, I don't know) if the method were flawless? Are the shortcomings all they are complaining about? Of all the songs they've written, I'd love to sit down and talk with them about this one the most.
    MCAOWPon July 17, 2012   Link

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