"Revenge" as written by Wayne Coyne, Steven Drozd and Writers Unknown....
I guess it's a matter of sensation
But somehow you have a way of avoiding it all
In my mind
I have shot you and stabbed you through your heart
I just didn't understand
The ricochet is the second part

'Cause you can't hide what you intend
It glows in the dark
Once you've sought
The path of revenge
There's no way to stop and the more I try to hurt you
The more it hurts me

It seems like a character mutation
Though I have all the means of bringing you fuckers down
I can't make myself
To destroy upon command
Somehow forgiveness lets the evil make the laws

No you can't hide what you intend
It glows in the dark
Once we've become the thing we dread
There's no way to stop and the more I try to hurt you
The more it backfires

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"Revenge" as written by Giorgio Tramacere Ronald Jones

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    General CommentI love this song.
    I love the sense of pain and regret and I feel theres some kind of dragged out suffering.
    The melancholic vocal from The Flaming Lips singer is beautiful and fits perfect with the song.
    Just a beautiful song.
    Tyler2004durdenon August 07, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think this is pretty straightforward. Hurting someone you love for revenge is like hurting yourself.

    Here's my interpretation. First verse: the singer's lover cheated on him then dumped him for another guy. He's miserable and resentful, and in his mind, he fantasizes about hurting his ex. But then he realizes it hurts him that he's thinking about these terrible things because he still cares for her.

    Second verse: he can't bear to actually go out and cause harm to his ex and the guy she cheated on him with, because he still loves her. Thus, evil (the cheating) wins.

    Chorus: all this resentment is just bubbling up and consuming him.

    What a sad song. I'm used to Wayne Coyne singing uplifting songs about pink robots and stuff, and this is just really depressing.
    hallospacegirlon October 14, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves..."
    xdvron March 29, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationWhen I was 12 I remember hitting my 11 yr old brother and my brother hitting me and us being trapped in a spiral of rage. Then I outran him so he couldn't get back at me: I had 'won'. I remember how dead and empty and sad and lonely that victory felt.

    I think this song describes those situations in which the inertia of our own humanity sabotages our plans of revenge - the dull resistance to cruel intentions which comes from our inability to switch off our own power of compassion - a kind of brake in our bodies (or hearts) that stops us actually carrying out all the dark fantasies that I can run through "in my mind" (or head).

    I am trapped in pain and want to strike back at the person who hurt us: but I can't -'I can't make myself destroy upon command -' because when I try to inflict pain it just ricochets back on me.

    As it unfolds, this experience is distressing and frustrating - my agency and rage slips away from me and is replaced by impotence and melancholy - 'forgiveness lets the evil make the laws'.

    Yet that ricocheting / backfiring pain that I experience when I try to carry my plans into effect - the hollow dead feeling I remember ending up with with my brother - is just the inverse mode through which love reappears. In my feeling of empathy with my enemy - despite myself - lies the affective kernel of conscience.

    While this may paralyse and thwart me in the short term, ultimately it is my capacity for compassion that liberates me from the sterility and futility of hatred and lifts me out of the cycle of violence where there seems to be "no way to stop".

    The melancholic beauty of the music perfectly communicates this inextricable tangle of pain and redemption.

    I love this song.
    Phil Mushon February 20, 2018   Link
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    Song MeaningIt's "About reaping revenge on an ex lover and the man she left him for."
    mchrisseeon December 17, 2009   Link
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    General CommentPretty good shit
    ccsims4lifeon January 18, 2010   Link
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    General Comment"Somehow forgiveness lets the evil make the laws"

    Think this is an important line.
    It's saying even if he does forgive it almost makes the evil done ok.

    I'm all for vengeance. It stops the fuckers doing it ever again.
    xdvron March 08, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think this is about taking revenge on the world (fuckers) and the meaningless of it.

    Taking revenge by making something so great (through art, music, etc.) to "bring the fuckers down".
    Trying to let them know the frustration you're feeling.
    But that eventually recoil on yourself because there's no way they would understand.
    And makes you feel even more isolated.

    "The more I try to hurt you, the more it backfires"

    And this goes on & on until it makes you insane.

    "Once you sought the path of revenge, there's no way to stop"
    johnnywalkeron July 12, 2010   Link
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    General Commentpeople ..this song is exactly how i feel about someone ....i loved her & i think im not over her yet ..maybe i dont love her any more ...she used to make me nervous ..she used to push me till i do something awful ...but i loved her & i dont really think she loved me ..& i hate it her for it ..& i hated my self for believing i could fall for someone like that ...& sometimes i wanna take back something , or make her pay back ...but when i see her i just forgive & forget ...& i cant show her love again ... so "& i the more i try to hurt you ..the more it hurts me " is when i see her & say something hurtful to her ..i end up regretting it cus it will only keep us apart more .."once you`ve sought the path of revenge theres no way to stop" is why i cant be with her again ..& "but somehow you have away of avoiding it all" is the most real part of the lyrics ...it talk about how i feel so week infront of her & how i feel that she cant feel pain at all & shes always happier & stronger & im only chasing her & needing her ...& whatever she do ..shes just drifting me away & pulling me to her at the same time ...i love this song ..i do understand every word ...& i cant imagine how someone could find words like this to explain how he felt ...love it
    evilluredon January 03, 2013   Link
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    MemoryI heard this song and was very fast and hard to remember that the revenge hurts in all kind of senses, I mean I took this song not into a relationship but more like a revenge with the people you love, well you hurt them and for a moment you feel powerful and like you win something for example but then you feel horrible and just want to back time but the sad true it's the the more I try to hurt someone that I care or love (not only based on relationship, this is a rule for all kind of persons) the more it backfires , because that's how revenge works. I love this song and makes me realize that I need to be careful in what I say or what I do to the people that I care, I mean think before to say or do something. Beautiful song. Great album.
    LuckyLighton July 19, 2013   Link

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