Errbody come
Arr arr!
Feelin it
December 13th
Swamp grass willie's
It's yo home boi

Hi yall durrin
Im is Jerry
I believe in the gol' toof fairy
Im so cool like january
And all the females be like
Oh he's scary
(Damn he's scary)
Ooh chil'
Im is fixin' ta buy you a catfish sammich!

Yo im Dirty D so let me see
Not down WV
But i'm reppin' VE.
Folks be sayin' theres a show down south
And if you don't come im gonna sock you in the mouf!

December 13th
Swamp grass willayz!

My names A Romes and ill chase ya out chya home
My hairs real straight and i dont use a comb
If ya beef then ill be swingin at chya dome
Come to my show cuz its close to our home

Drivin to the show
Tippin on fo fos
An flickin of po poes out my suicide dohs

Youz a upside durn bowlin bawl headed chrimas tree

Loafin in palm beach at swamp grass willayz
Run so fast that you'll tear your achillayz
You better bring a sweater in case it gets chillay
December 13th showin PLATINUM GRILLAYZ!

Drivin to the show
Tippin on fo fos
An flickin of po poes out my suicide dohs

Sheeet i think somebody has stole my escalade

Walk through the doh
To beep the show
Park in the front b'for your whip gets towed
Watch as we blow
A rock n roll load
Dirty D, J P, A Romes, FA SHO!

Awh! yeeah!
Das right december sirteenth
Wes palm beech

Ay you dirty heathens are pissin off all da neighbors
With all that obnoxious hip hoppin
If i gotta come down here one more again
Im gonna paint your face with my nine iron

Wes palm beach, dats da five six wuuurrr!
Swamp grass willayz, if u aint derr, we're gonna come lookin fo ya


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$wampGra$$ Willyazz (Home Show Rap) song meanings
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