"Little Girl" as written by and Mark/burton Linkous....
A trick that people use to make you think they are smart
Is confidence when actually they're lost in the dark
Only someone with the mind of a child says he'll grow up
The seven and the avalanche you're life will show up
Its nice to be loved it can never happen too late
I wanna share my food but you have stolen my plate
Hey now, hey now go your way now

You tortured little girl
Showing them what love is all about
Where did all the time go?
Everywhere it's gone, gone, gone

You get the point now
You pick yourself up off the bars
She's on his arm now
Cause they remind you off the pictures on the wall now
But you was young and I wasn't not even born yet
If you think I know a little more bit
Than the average person on the streets you are incorrect
Because I'm ignorant as shit, not here to preach, man
You know I just wanna have fun, go to the beach, man
That's all I am, I'm just a simple guy who talks when
You put a microphone in front of him

You twisted little girl
Showing them what life is all about
Where did all the time go?
Everywhere it's gone

Running left in a relationship
Going in circles and I just can't wait
Running left so we can get in shape
Get in shape because we can't escape

Running left because I'm already late
Really not, I'm in the exact same place
Running laps in your relationship
Running away from the subtleties of

The worlds always amazed at how much cash you made
But not at how you made it, it's just strange
It sounded kind of cool over the phone
It killed your neighbors and their dog and crushed their bones

You tortured little girl
Showing them what laughter's all about
Where did all the wine go?
Every night it's gone

You got it all worked out
Funny little girl
Showing them what pain is all about
Where did all the time go?
Every night it's gone, gone, gone

You're the coolest girl in this whole town
I just wanna parade you around

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"Little Girl" as written by Julian Casablancas Brian Joseph Burton

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    General CommentOn the lines where it fades out, I'm pretty sure it says:

    Put your perfect forehead on my plate
    We could leave this town without a trace.
    tenfortyonepmon July 13, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationMan, this song is all over the place. A lot of characters in the song. I think based on "But she was young and I wasn't not even born yet", the "little girl" Jules is talking about is his mother. Maybe?


    It's nice to be a LOVED, IT CAN NEVER happened too late...
    You pick your self up off the BAR, SHE'S on his arm now...
    If you think I know a little more then THE AVERAGE person on the streets...
    Mariachi94on August 03, 2009   Link
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    General Commentfucking awesomeeeeeee
    mds1286on January 11, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI have a proposed alteration:

    It kills your neighbors AND IT DOESN'T CRUSH THEIR BONES.

    That's what I heard, anyway.

    If that lyric is correct, then it would be a reference to Jesus' crucifixion. While it was customary to break the crucified person's limbs to speed up death, Jesus' bones remained unbroken because He had died before it became necessary.
    BauerPower24on July 29, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningI think I figured it out, took some research. His parents were divorced when he was like 12. he is in fact talking about his mother, who way probobly an alchohaulic (where did all the wine go. And pick yourself up from the bar now). he is singing the song to both her, and us. this is why he switches from calling her "you" and "she" which makes it complicated. He seems to believe that her marriage was a mistake because she wasn't prepared given her problems. "The avalanche" is the crisis that is waiting to happen, which is when he was born. He believes his mother never took responsibility for the avalanche. This is where his plate gets stolen, because her life crisis fell on him. She is tortured, and showing them (himself and his siblings) what love is all about, when she cannot. Once the divorce happens, he claims that nostalgia and sobering up, begin to happen, but her nostalgia, which leave him (Linkous) out of the picture because he wasn't born, prompt her to behave like a little girl again. it's an waful cycle which makes her internal life mess become Linkouses problem too.
    admichlaon November 03, 2011   Link
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    General CommentHey, I over analyzed that a little bit- Realized that Julian Casablanca also had divorced parents, and mother remarried, this could be his story. Any help at solving this?
    admichlaon November 05, 2011   Link
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    My OpinionI don't think he sings "THE SEVEN AND the avalanche your life will show up."
    The first word is definitely "'CAUSE"
    What I hear is, "CUZ SOME WHERE DOWN the avalanche your life will show up."
    Or, "CUZ SLOPING DOWN the avalanche your life will show up."
    "Cuz" and "Down" are definitely in that sentence, I'm just not sure what's in between them.
    It could even be "seven": "Cuz SEVEN down the avalanche your life will show up."
    Or "staring": "Cuz STARING down the avalanche your life will show up."
    Anyone else figure it out?
    Keetonon July 10, 2016   Link

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