Welcome to this farce they call me Irvin S.
Consider me god or at least the best of the best
You know youll come to love my faggy ass ways
Praying that Ill sleep with you just like I was a craze
But I aint a fucking fad or a muthah fuckin trend
Im just the fucking bitch who will be here in the end
When the world goes to pieces and the roaches all be eatin
All the rich peoples feces like delectable delicious
Just like that bitch who picked a fight and thought I couldnt take it
Sure I ran out that door but I get a bigger paycheck
Highest paid whore in a shitty ass town
Just shake my ass like I was a fuckin party clown
Beggin to kiss it with too lips and a tongue
A rim job for lovers with a smoke filled lung
Tongue and lung ugh, that rhyme is horrible
So no one cares Im far too adorable

Im no bitch call me master
Place tongue here to move me faster
Im not always nice sometimes Im a bastard
But suck it up boys Im your master

Riddle me this, Riddle me that
Does it bother you to know I could scream just that?
And you wont know the difference.
As well as a million other bitches.
Going uh err whats he saying? Oh he must just be playin.
I’m sure he’s not out gayin’, just like he’s always claimin’”
I aint jokin bitch youre all fuckin dumb
You should be suckin me not suckin your thumb
Just ask my boy A-C hell say Im great in bed
Best sex hes ever had, not to mention all the head
You can call me a whore and then push me too the floor
Say Im a fuckin bore but Ill still come back for more
Cause I dont know when to stop and I dont wait my turn
Ill break your fuckin teeth and then laugh as you burn
Now dont think Im an asshole because that shit aint true
Im just always right and 10 times smarter then you

Im no bitch call me master
Place tongue here to move me faster
Im not always nice sometimes Im a bastard
But suck it up boys Im your master

Now youre going all around thinking I am special
The only flamboyant rapper to hit the stage and hustle
But Jeffree has been doin this shit long before me
Star turnin me on sayin Sit on my face daddy
And all you bitches comin to my shows
All you actin like you hos
Going fuckin mad cause Im crazily spastic
But yall know Im only sarcastically fantastic
Now Im nothing real and Im far too fake for you
If I was a president Id be Georgie Dubbayu
With those big bouncing boobies and ass that just wont quit
Im a sucking dick machine that takes coins and never spits
Ill suck a wank just like it holds the answer to my needs
If dicks were joints Id be so high Id be gettin nose bleeds
Now you must be sick of this because I am sick of you
Carving fucking cows out of gold thats all you do

Just once I want a bitch to pin me down smack me across the face and yell Fuck me you Worthless Fag

Thats so hot…

I know, dont cha just wanna have my abortion?

Lyrics submitted by Bethamphetamine

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