Martin was bright as he stood up and sang in the choir
His hearts all in pieces, was breaking, his head was on fire
They took him from that place and they buried him deep in the ground
Out with the light, quiet the sound
It’s a slow revolution that quietly turns
As the true word burns
And all of the people marching together out cross the floor
And all that was after is now as it was before

Sylvia sat staring out into the depths of her room
Moment of light from her brain cut through the dark, pierced the gloom
Children voices were music, cam faint through the wall
From such a great height she looked down, there was only the fall
And it’s a slow revolution that quietly turns
As the true word burns
And all of the people stomping out cross the floor
All that was after is now as it was before

So look at the shadows bent forward tryin’ to break through the night
Huddled against the darkness, so close to the light
My voice is breaking out here in this wilderness
For I see a time that is coming, I see a time of change
Sun is burning the deserts, but water’s filling the plains
Noah’s chipping crazily away at his ark
While all of us ready ourselves to go into the dark
It’s a slow revolution that quietly turns
As the true word burns
Yeah the true word burns
And all of the people marching dancing out cross the floor
And all of this matter soon won’t matter much anymore

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    General Comment"All of this matter soon won't matter much anymore!" I feel this line is genius. I love the dual use of the word matter, the noun and then the verb. It's certainly true. After we all die, all the things that we think are really important, won't be.

    As to the meaning of the whole song, I think NomadGal was closest.

    I do think Alexi wants it ambiguous whether the "true word" is that of Martin Luther King, Syvia Plath and/or environmentalism, or GOD himself/herself. After all, ask most people what "the Word" meanss and they would say the word of God, and ask what the "true word" is and that would be the word of the true God, which since Alexi isn't sure what it is, he doesn't pin it down.

    All Alexi is saying, he is seeing a time in the future, when we are all dead, when the truth will have shown itself. The slow revolution is us slowly aging and dying, approaching that truth, whatever it is. For Alexi, death would seem to be more certain than taxes, and I think we know he's right.
    yhtrownuon April 11, 2011   Link
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    General CommentYet another perfect song from Alexi Murdoch. Unfortunately, I am the first one commenting on it, and I have more questions than answers as far as its meaning.

    It appears to be about death, or the end. Perhaps the "Slow Revolution" is the circular motion of all of our paths, as we complete a full circle and end where we began. You know, from dust to dust.

    And, perhaps, the "floor" that all the people are on is simply a metaphor for life. We each have our time on that floor, to march, to stomp, or to dance however we choose. But once we are gone from that floor, it becomes as it was before, void of us. Again, the full circle idea.

    And what is this "true word" burning? Is this a spiritual reference to the Word of God? Or maybe the true word is "death," or the idea of death. After all, death is the only thing that we can be completely sure will happen to each of us.

    One thing I think is clear, the emotion of Alexi's voice portrays hope. So perhaps death is the wrong term to use when asked to describe what this song is about. Perhaps the cliche is true, death is simply a transition. A beginning.

    Regardless of the song's true meaning, whether I am way off base or not, thank God for Alexi Murdoch. This is music.
    Duzelon July 31, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis is an amazing song, wow...
    I'm not really sure these lyrics are 100% correct, but as Duzel said, I think this song is about death. Or... about moving on after someone else's death.
    In the very first verse someone suddenly dies, and it's a big change for his family and friends (in this case, Sylvia). It's a revolution for them, but they slowly heal from this loss. When someone dies it's hard to go on living at first but as time passes it becomes easier and everything goes back to normal again, "all that was after is now as it was before".
    And I agree with the full circle theory... I mean, there's some hope in the last verse but there's also darkness, shadows... and "all of us ready ourselves to go into the dark". A circle... We march, stomp, dance, then we die, the world goes on without us, and then again people marching, stomping and dancing.
    turnturnawayon August 01, 2009   Link
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    General CommentMartin = Martin Luther
    Sylvia = Sylvia Plath
    True Word = their writings
    3rd verse = environmental warning
    NomadGalon November 07, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think that in the last verse, he is basically speaking on a more collective level. The sun still burns the deserts, water still filling the plains, and Noah chipping away at his ark. These are only the things we experience as humans in our time of age; the little memories we keep of ourselves and eachother on a personal level as well. Yet, "While all of us ready ourselves to go into the dark"(in family and in generations). Says much for all the eras and personal values of our world, and your world, as they go into the dark over time. "All of this matter soon won't matter much anymore" which I think is to say that perhaps of the next hundred of generations ahead, who is there to remember you as a person and what mattered to you in your life? I think in this verse he puts it in perspective that, no matter how big the matters are in our lives at the moment, we are still just a infinitesimal speck against the universe and the line of time.
    Jay92on June 05, 2011   Link

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