Try to have some fun with this one

Sometimes its good to live life at a
Slow pace
Races are being won and songs are being sung but im just
Starring at the sun and catching phrases with my tongue
Well I don’t want to be the one to tell myself I can’t make it
While I have the chance I’ll take it
With all that I have I’ll try to keep it
I’ll put them together and see whether your
Not because I forced you to
Because the combination of your body and your mind
Felt inclined to spend some time with the rhythm we designed
Whatever the reason I’ll search for the season of change
Strange days minimum wage
Commercial cage
Three cheers for the slave
How did it start?
Nobody knows
You light the candle everyone blows
Wishing for a wishing well to wish for some wishes in
Wishy-washy bukake
Soggy head Dead Poet Society
I’m a hip hopicrit
I did it on purpose
If it sounds corny
You bore me with you empty criticism
Mr. lyricism with a stigmatism
For stuttering stupidly uttered mutterings
And covering yourself with the wealth of an idiot
Sinking in the move to quicksand
I’d offer you a hand but I just kinda planned on sitting back and laughing (Ha)
Lately I’ve been stating a lot of the obvious
It’s getting obnoxious
These boxes are befuddling my task given tangibility
Silly we like to think of ourselves as having somebody
Until you find out nobody cares
Playing shows for blank stares and breathing the stank air
Giving it all to remember and taking it all back for your self
The game that takes experience cannot be gauged in a form of wealth
One day when the sun comes back to earth and cooks all its inhabitants
I’ll make sure to be wearing my insulated suit
I’ll step to the place of worshiping
consult the law of averages
To make sure it is possible for me to still be alive
Some days I live on couches and floors
Other times I live in my parents’ home
I feel no breed of energy when I’m there so I feel the need to roam
I get on my father’s bicycle and take a blind cruise through suburbia
Catching glimpses of innocent faces that never dealt with, never had
Just minding my own business and soaking up dirty looks from athletic dads
Just cause they know what I would do to their soccer mom
Old money compliments new money confidence
I don’t really fit in this neighborhood
Shoddy Pilates and half assed aerobicphobics
Lounging in a sofa eating Dr. Atkins on a wheat bun
Smart moms know how kids grow on sweet pickles

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