Don’t you think it’s time that we advance another level?
If we keep on playing in this game nobody’s going to win
The batteries are running out
If luck has left us all alone
Then vivid imagery will make you think that it’s ok
The biological tock is ticking
The six o’clock news is sickening
The plot keeps thickening
In dreams of electrical chairs and toothbrushes
Got me flushing goldfish and adjusting
My satellite dish to C-SPAN
Those of ahead of me will be dead with me in the end
To bad we’re human
And why do people disagree about beliefs?
Despite access to the same evidence
And why does evidence so rarely lead to belief change
The same reason that Bob Marley drove a BMW
Wasn’t because the doctor in prison paid him for it (?)
Ripping the last pages out of the grade book
Over the counter bounty hunter
Funding passion fuck me fashion
Boogers are just the remnants of the nasty things you see
It’s amazing how one day can make you feel
The way that changes everything
Only death is permanent but you won’t know that
What is the meaning of satisfied?
And will I ever stop learning from other people?
Just as yellow leaves may be ____ to stop the crying children
Some people make money off people who manage their money problems
They’ll pull a ghost out of a hat
And inject her into your habitat
A double decker rubber necker fiesta
Boiling point lowgrade(?) hallelujah
Put me in Coach
I love this shit
Nothing like the smell of napalm in the morning
On the path to the redundant
Release pungent pandemonium
Low sodium episode
Commode captain Corrosion of Conformity
Orderly committing detox for shock value
Even when I’m standing here in front of you
I’m only hardly there, some of you struggle to care
Quit it You sit in the house and vote legalizing negligence
I practice fermenting false intelligence until the remnants are intoxicating

Those ahead of me will be dead with me in the end
Some find comfort in the mistakes of their friends
How old do you think that tree is?
My oh my what a wonderful way to live
A lifeless situation catering to your demise

And compensating for blatant disrespect
For blind notions of stupidity
Grinding hands down to bone before the blood can turn blue again
Tonight we paint the town red
Tomorrow we burn it down and walk away without ever
At least I’m pretty sure that’s how the story goes

The celibate rhetoric
Dominant __?_____ hetetic
Blood and cig
Voodoo cursed dispersed
Animosity caused cloud bursts
Scrolling our brothers
And running for cover
Looking for lovers
Who aren’t going to smother us
Better choose one life
And live it soon
Before the moon comes crashing down into the pasture
Ask her if she still allows herself to feel the same way
And if the game is still worth it to be played
Having a conscious is optional
Free visits to the hospital
Sacked the bovine ax burns
And wait your turn
Finding friends in the forest fire
Forest suppliers helping me to remember
They deliver the wood and pick up the fumes
Something for nothing coming soon
Living through others
And worrying about what happens above
Those who choose to cut loose
Mildly confused
And wildly bruised manual labor is kindly used
Taking beatings from a seating chart
Eating nothing
spewing outward
Laying on my back
Fixated by the ceiling fan

Season of the which
The ever changing fragile mindset
In this controversial outlook
It is hard to keep a friend
Send messages and broken bottles
Answered fast by battle cry
And why are we insinuating rock solid destiny
Best to be the way that you create yourself
And one should know the ways as if born to them
Sworn enemy to the reflection
Basking in the passionate
Listen to the warm
Another elevating incident
And chance has it that some bastard
Will kill you with his carbon gun
Isn’t this fun?
I wonder what I look like from your point of view
They drew blood
But the sample was
Tainted by my painted on smile
Faked by numbers
Cucumbers and all other phallic vegetables
Throw caution to the wind
And breath it in as it’s blown back in your face
I could escape without a trace
But I’d probably turn up in a week or two
With rug burn and another shitty tattoo
So please Let me ask you
Isn’t saying she means no harm the same as saying she makes no difference?

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