Legalize and tax it
Look at what the facts is
End all this killin' and drug dealin' so we can relaxin and
Puff an L without facin' time in cell for herb wrapped in plastic

I'm not a phenomenon; I'm a king, come on
When the mic is on, rock till the break of dawn
Fuck coke and heroin, don't sell that shit to brethren
Think that makes you strong? Son, you're peddlin'
Enslavin' minimum wage folks, you're dead wrong
This ain't no sad song, just depends how it's sung
Sub bass from your trunk to your bedroom
Crush these community destroyers there ain't no headroom

Everybody in the club show me love
Cause the light above is shinin' down on us
I know life is tough but don't give up
And don't fuck with us, cause when I bust
Shots at blood clots, red dots at cold hearts
From the booth I speak the truth to the youth cause
I'm passing glory, tell the people "tell their story"
The one the downpresser man's tryin' to destroy


Don't get me wrong man
I used to hustle weed
To buy nice things and all the studio time I need
But that shit don't turn a young mother into a fiend
Though I did see greed take over from time to time
In the 6 years I dealt it I only saw one gun
And that dude was flippin' coke on the side and making runs
I ain't where you from and I don't know where you been
And I try to understand the pain and the trouble you been in

But it doesn't add it up, it just doesn't make sense
To exploit your own people just to pay the rent
Hustle something else if you've got mouths to feed
Cause the crack game is whack man, and making people bleed

And you brag about it in your raps man
(Your raps man, your raps man, yeah)
As I bob my head to the track man
(The tracks man, the tracks man, yeah)
Its got my brain in wraps man
(Wraps man, wraps man, yeah)
As I bob my head to the tracks man
(The tracks man, the tracks man, yeah)


Legalize and Tax It

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