Oooh yeah, oooh yeah, oooh yeahahah

Ever thought you were lost and then you were found
Then come to find that up was really down
Got to make a decision to keep my sanity
I got the right to keep some semblance of humanity
Feel like I'm lost and my hand's tied down
So sad it seems, broke my heart and hit the ground
In the dark you know my murder weapon come up clean
I wanna resort to violence but that's just how it seems

400 years and the war of the roses
Try to make a call but yeah, yeah I'm dimeless
Abide in silence, that's what they say to 1,000 people
that follow the mindless ways
Yeah i know yeah, yeah it's childish
But yah know I still got to kick my knowledge
Then I swallow, I swallow my promises
Due to dishonored business

Count all your blessings bitch, I step on your head
Twist it like the exorcist and leave you for dead
Would have bought you anything from diamond rings to gold
Would have lived in Babylon and sold down my soul
So I give you wings and a brand new start
Just know the past is no lookin' glass, it's not
Once you pass through it there ain't no turning back
Just remember that, just remember facts

Sound shield me from confusion and jealous attacks
I tried so hard to undo my effects
Oh yeah yeah yeah but it didn't work, no

I treat you right, yeah, I write you songs
But we keep on fightin' about my wrongs
So like lightnin' I am gone
And like thunder I am strong

I am strong, I am strong

15 minutes of fame
Turned into 3 months of regret and shame
Thrown on my name
And shit just don't feel the same
Told to my people, told to my crew
Told to my equals
To them this ones for you

There ain't no sequel
Trilogy or no prequel
Just deliver me from evil
And cast away this demon's equal
So it sounds, sounds like I'm leavin'
Our one lung is still barely breathin'
Our one heart is still barely beatin'
One love separated from me cheatin'

I guess nothing is constant
And nothing stays the same
Except men with their power trips
And women with their head game
So now for now I leave your loose lips
For a new pair of hips that make my faucet drip
Just load the clip, and drive my stick, girl

And you know I got to stay positive
'Cause without that I am without my gift
And without my gift where is my reason to live
And if I ain't got that reason then I feel emptiness


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