"The Return" as written by and Mike A./dutkiewicz D'antonio....
Once more alone
As the memories weave and fade away
Separation mocks me
Frustration consumes me
Inspiration has grown cold
Even as the longing renews

Desperate I return to you
Broken I return to you
We circle over and over
But still I return to you

What will it take to escape you
What will it take to escape you
Is this what you wanted
To see me humbled
Is this what you asked for
The final word

Desperate I return to you
Broken I return to you
We circle over and over
But still I return to you

I would tear my eye's out
To never see your face
But all of these scars
Can never be erased

Choke on your words
That have left me bleeding
And may your tear's
May your tear's burn

We circle over and over
Still I return
I return (oh)

Desperate I return to you
Broken I return to you
We circle over and over
But still I return to you

What will it take
To escape you
What will it take
To escape

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"The Return" as written by Adam Dutkiewicz Mike D'antonio

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    General CommentI agree. But also, he knows it not good to be with this person, but doesn't know how to stop loving them. He feels trapped in his own feelings.
    lostjesteron July 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis is, I guess, my fav. song from the new album. :D
    I think it's about making the same mistake over and over again with that person. It is too frustrating to be with but also without that person. I can just sense the agony in this song... Anger in Howard's voice...
    This is the most powerful part of the song:
    I would tear my eyes out to never see your face
    But all of these scars can never be erased
    Choke on your words that have left me bleeding
    And may your tears burn

    I absolutely love this song :) Killswitch- the best band :) \m/
    maja88on June 29, 2009   Link
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    General Commentone of the greatest off the new album.
    like maja88 said, its about making the same mistakes over again with that one person cause you love them or care about them that much. Howards voice really does bring out the sorrow in this song. im fricken pissed tho that adam d. doesnt do back up vocals in the new album.
    FallenSaint97on July 16, 2009   Link
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    General Commentit could definetly be about another person. but the first thing i thought of when i read the lyrics. would be a drug addiction possibly?
    oXguitarchickXoon September 21, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI believe its more or less what everyone else is saying, that its about making mistakes continuously with a person as such.

    He is feeling alone, and the memories about that person are as he says 'weaving and fading away'. The separation with this person hurts him, and the situation is angering him, possibly wishing for things to be different. 'Inspiration has grown cold', maybe he is talking about the inspiration to change or to make amends with this person. 'Even as the longing renews' If we are thinking about this from a love perspective then it could be that they believe that they are getting over them, but somethings happens which 'renews' his feelings.

    'Desperate i return to you, broken i return to you' I believe that these lyrics speak for themselves. He are heartbroken about whats happened, and although he knows the relationship isn't good, he is that desparate for their love that they return to them, and it becomes a vicious circle, hence 'we circle over and over', and although this keeps happening, he still returns to them.

    'What will it take to escape you' He may or may not believe that the relationship wouldn't be good, and wants to escape the desperation and feelings he holds for them, he could feel controled or possessed by these feelings, and wants to 'escape' them. 'Is this what you wanted, to see me humbled. Is this what you asked for, the final word' Maybe this is about how the relationship ended, the person was the one to end it, and is asking, if feeling unimportant and having the last word is what they wanted.

    'I would tear my eyes out, to never see your face, but all of these scars, can never be erased' You can hear it in his voice, the frustration, the anger and hate. He wants to forget them of sorts, but the pain that has been inflicted will not cease and he realizes that. 'Choke on your words, that have left me bleeding, and may your tears, may your tears burn.' This is the hate fully coming out, the anger that comes from being so hurt, wanting them to feel what he is feeling.

    This is my own interpretation of course, this is my favourite song from them, its filled with so much emotion and Hoards voice is just a godsend on this song.
    CheshireWolfon March 27, 2014   Link

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