the summer was purring like a kitten
until the record needle starting skipping
i was squeaking through the screen door
in your kitchen

said, do you want to go downtown with me maybe stop by the library?
and you rode by my side
on your dad's old ten speed

it felt like everything was finally perfect
we rode past the empty stores
and churches
but then i looked in your eyes
and they were anxious
and they were nervous

under all the rolling clouds
over all the fields that surround
this tiny town

later that night you started to cry
ran into the bathroom and locked yourself inside
i wanted to knock down the door but instead i just leaned against the other side
sometimes it feels like i still don't know you
after all the stupid stuff we've been through
how many horror movies have we sat through
how many sour patch kids
how many two liters of mountain dew

and i want to see you get through this
but it feels like nothing i say makes any difference
when i left your house that night i felt totally awful
and selfish

under all the rolling clouds
over all the fields that surround this tiny town

maybe i did the wrong thing
maybe i should have stayed
maybe you were gonna feel better, maybe
or maybe nothing would have changed

most nights now i just throw a movie in the vcr fall asleep on the couch and wake up tired
i try my best not to miss you
but i don't try very hard

i remember stopping by a long time ago
heard you inside playing piano
and i sat down on the front step
and listened through the window

under all the rolling clouds
over all the fields that surround
trap us in this stupid town

all the rolling clouds
over all the fields that surround
this stupid town

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    General CommentIt"s about how hard it was for him to decide whether to help an alcoholic friend or leave them be.
    galacticuson December 25, 2012   Link
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    Song MeaningThe song was explained by Paul in this video that was uploaded in 2011.…

    "Uhm... So, I wrote this song - I was thinking about how you end up in a friendship where you end up their therapist or you're their suicide hotline, and some of us are not equipped for that. It's complicated; that's kinda why I wrote this. It's so easy to feel really guilty and it's so easy to feel like you let somebody down, but the main thing is, try and be there for your friends. Don't be in a friendship because it's fun to watch somebody die. There's a lot of people at the FEST with alcoholic friends and it's fun. 'Oh! That's my crazy friend.' Your friends probably just needs help: it's funny, but it's also sad. If you go home and your friend is still drinking everyday and can't go to a show without being drunk, and can't go to work without being drunk, and things like that, maybe you should try and talk to them. That's really difficult to do; it's really hard to have that conversation. That's why I wrote this because I was feeling really weird about some friendships that I had and some people that I lost."
    brandontylerboothon February 02, 2013   Link
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    General Commentthis song is beautiful, and relatable. lyrics are pretty self explanatory, he is in a relationship with someone who is incredibly sad and insecure, and he just loves her/ wants to see her get through it.
    hearthatsongagainon April 07, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about a drama queen who feels she has the right to string people along for her own benefit. I think she's busy fucking her boyfriend while she spews crap about caring for anyone else but her selfish self and having some gorgeous arm hang to make her feel important. The sun will rise in a few months and all will be perfect in her world. By the grace of God I hope I am involved with someone and have fallen head over heels with them so she becomes just a bad memory. Again, enjoy your week, your sex, your son, and that genuine, loving relationship you so enjoy.
    6GUNSALLYon December 25, 2012   Link

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