we need a catalyst, i'm not a stock market analyst
but i get a bright idea from time to time
i don't beleive in a grand design
morals and faith are hard to define
our differences are focused upon
we've had common ground all along

let's keep science in the classroom
leave jesus in the tomb
let's worship the moon
at least we know it's there
and we know it doesn't care
about a single fucking thing we do

i don't think in quite the same way that you do
but keep it out of my face and we're cool
and if not then fuck you and fuck all of your friends too

but beleive me when i say, that i don't care
which direction that you pray
or in who's name, please believe
that a prayer for me
is one prayer made in vain

let's put ethics in the boardroom
let's leave noah out at sea
my church is the street
there is no god
just my friends and me
and no one has to die for our beliefs
and no one goes to hell if they disagree

i know the difference, what's right or wrong
that can't be taught with a firebomb
leave yaweh out of it
leave allah out of it
leave budah out of it
pass it on

oh my god
what are the odds?
place your bets
we'll find out when we're dead

when they say that god's above
and they tell you hell's beneath
they're la la la la lying through their teeth
but who am i to question their beliefs?

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