In and out of focus, time turns elastic
In and out of focus, time turns elastic

And when I stay too long, I went outside and stared
Arms outstretched and long, moved straight across the sky (in and out
of focus, in and out of focus)
If I could wrap my arms around this globe
Hands, touch the green and brown.
I'd sink into the cool, cool ground (in and out of focus, in and out
of focus)

Seen all, seen all, seen all summer
Seen all, seen all, seen all spring

But, I'm a submarine, submarine sinks below the ground.
A submarine
I'm a submarine, submarine sinks below the ground.

Now that the leaves turned to gold,
The moments all glow, frozen and free from time.
And out here on my own, I watch it ebb and flow.
Here with the fire burning low,
In the honey mist that breathes
Crooked maple fingers trembling all around
I feel the winds that blow.

Out here between the dark and light
The summers gone, and the reeds bow down
As the colors change all along the waterline


And when it's time the landslide will free what flows inside
While all around the rocks collide, you finally see the lines
That points towards the light that never dies.

Melody, shelter in the darkness
Take hold of me now.
Memory, trapped in a corner
Dark fingers are long.
But all around, streaming down, rays of blue light calling out.

These silver sounds are raining down on me
Here on the wheel the rhythm's turning all around
Up above the dark, it's sky is bleeding
I feel the world turning upside down.

These are the reasons that we lay down on the ground
Drawn through the funnel, all the colors run together turning round.
Wait for the waves to come and carry me away
Down on the ground the sounds of voices in the echoes seem to say.

And as the carousel circles unceasingly,
Watch while the ripples decay in this rolling time.
In cascading, the wind set the wheels in motion
And it's turning in the mist around.
Rolling and turning into the mist around me.
Kissed by the water, and held in your mother's arms.
Green where you tumble and roll in these fields.
The shapes of the bodies, a ship in the sun.
While the blossoms all scream and it sleeps around me
The earth and these memories yields around me.

In and out of focus, time turns elastic, time turns...
In and out of focus, time turns elastic, time turns...

Touches these woods and these waters all paved with gold.
Gleaming in daylight, their voices ring on.
They're cold while they're pointing, lay down in the storm.
And this life is bending and swelling around me
Rolling and turning into the mist around me
The winds all arising in the west around me
And the carousel turns into breath around me.

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    General CommentHard to believe no other Phans have commented on this new, fresh epic. I recently got to see the fellas do it live at Red Rocks and, having listened to every live version of it on this tour, and also on the new Trey orchestral CD, I really think it is "coming along." In fact, give the 7/31/09 version a listen. I think it is the strongest yet?

    What does it mean? Clearly, the song is about how fast time (life) goes by us all. It's humbling and organic all at once.

    It's funny, but I often come to thoughts on Phish tunes long after I first heard them. they just need constant attention and don't always grab me, but drumz and guitar work on this tune is brilliant to listen to, to be a part of.

    The boys are back and this Phan could not be more excited for the new record!
    EOTWon August 07, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningTo me I'm getting older and its harder to find my youth more and more.time is expanding fast for some slow for others and both for some.I have to find new ways of fun through memories and recovery.
    Beans4lifeon December 15, 2009   Link

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