"Plans" as written by and Joseph Donald Mascis Jr.....
Well I followed you that time
Things that touched me slipped my mind
If you help me then I'll try and I'll believe you

Time for you to explain
Ive been caught up in my pain
And its really not the same
You can see it

I got nothing left to be
Do you have some plans for me
Iive got nothing left to be
Do you have some plans for me

I cant filter what I want
See my face and see the cost
All that's good that just got tossed
And I keep waiting

And I don't know what to drink
I get twisted everything
I need you to see me sing
Can you believe it

I got nothing left to be
Do you have some plans for me
Ive got nothing left to be
Do you have some plans for me

I know you do
I know you do
I know you do

Now I know you came
Now I know you know my name
Don't let me be the same

Well I followed you for years
Ive got pain and Ive got fears
Then there's moments when it clears
And I've been waiting

I've got nothing left to be
Do you have some plans for me
I've got nothing left to be
Do you have some plans for me

I know you do
I know you do
I know you do

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"Plans" as written by Joseph Donald Mascis Jr


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    General CommentI'm pretty sure the fourth verse starts

    And I don't know what to think
    I get pissed at everything
    JustSaraon June 26, 2009   Link
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    General Commentmy favourite off the new album. you missed the religious contatation in the lyrics. he says...

    i know you do
    i know you do
    i know you do, lord
    JasonBourneon June 30, 2009   Link
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    General CommentA stand-out track on a very fine album.
    TheDirgeon August 03, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI keep hearing "lord" in there, too.
    kisrumon January 17, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningI'd like to hear what you people think about this song's meaning!
    tarrito91on June 20, 2010   Link
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    General CommentAlso, Dinosaur Jr. RAWKS some freakin' guitar, half the story is in the solos \m/\m/

    I know I may get attacked about this because I am sharing a perspective of faith, that seems to happen a lot on the internet. I really do think this is what it means, and I would ask that criticism focus on this being a wrong interpretation and what YOU think the interpretation is, rather than simple faith-bashing. I don't go around mocking other people's beliefs, and I interpret songs of people with different life philosophies than mine without having to say I disagree with that philosophy.

    Thanks, can't wait to hear y'all's thoughts and interpretations!
    EyesofaJackalon December 14, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningHi EyesofaJackal,

    I like your interpretation very much and to a certain degree I agree to the extent of emotional power you spawned with it. I think the general character of 'how this song is sung' also matters. I think, having found the EXIT with new (self-)trust - maybe with God - finally, let's him see all these weird and hard times with imperturbability.
    I support your opinion also in accordance of having 'survived' the very sore breakup of a > 16y relationship. And in other words Yoga, sports - finding serenety and inner peace - saved my life finding or seeing God, Universe, the highest Principle, oneness or whatever :-)

    drtilton June 10, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song personally resonates with me because I had my first ever heartbreak quite a while ago and still can't seem to get over it, or even really desire to move on, and it bewilders me that I still feel that way and that it has affected just about every area of my life... and this reminds me of some prayers I have said myself. I know on one hand it is ridiculous I feel this way, and on the other it is so real and emotionally painful. This interpretation jumped out at me immediately upon listening to this song, and I didn't hear the "Lord" part until reading here, but I totally hear it now and it makes sense given the context.

    [Opening soothing riff, soothing, lull, dreamy life preceding a turmoil]

    "well i followed you a time
    things that touched me slipped my mind
    if you help me then ill try and ill believe you"

    Classic immature faith story: When things were good you felt cool with God, and you started to neglect Him, forgetting even close spiritual moments/great blessings in your life as you became comfortable and complacent in your routine. Then a trauma/difficulty arises, and suddenly you 'remember God', begging him for help, promising if he'll just put things back the way they were you'll be a good and faithful person...

    "time for you to explain
    Ive been caught up in my pain
    and its really not the same
    you can see it"

    I can't see past this stumbling block, this awful situation and my own self-pity; why, God? Surely you know? If you are God you know! I demand an answer! (See: The Book of Job)

    [Chorus- The emotional thesis here]
    "i got nothing left to be
    do you have some plans for me
    Ive got nothing left to be
    do you have some plans for me"

    What is the point of all this pain? Are you using this in some way to teach me something? It has reduced me to NOTHING, I no longer really care about anything else and/or I simply don't know what to do with myself or who I am.

    Is this a step on the winding path in life that I will one day understand, maybe even appreciate for the way I learned from and grew out of it, or is there simply no point to it?

    ***The emotions from a heartbreak can call into question all your plans for life, even basic beliefs and assumptions.***

    [Sighing, Soulful Solo]

    "i cant filter what i lost
    see my face and see the cost
    all thats good that just got tossed
    and i keep waiting"

    A beautiful thing got tossed right out like detritus, and here I am waiting to make sense of it. I can't just ignore this problem, don't you see how it weighs me down, what it has reduced me to?

    "and i don't know what to think/drink(?)
    i get pissed at everything
    i need you to see me sing
    can you believe it"

    This situation has dragged me down, I don't feel like myself anymore, I'm an angry and bitter person, I seek refuge in alcohol/drugs/entertainment/ fleeting, impermanent, ultimately self-sabotaging solutions; I need you to understand what I have been through! Please! Do you believe the words I say? Can you hear me??

    [Chorus- Where am I headed? Who am I? Do you care?]

    [Outcry Solo! Hear me!! Shaking my fist in the air, shouting, crying, etc: *The Climax*]

    "i know you do, I know you do
    i know you do, Lord
    i know you do, I know you do
    i know you do, Lord"

    Simple trust. This is the turning point of the song: when we set aside ourselves and just simply TRUST. Here the soothing salve of faith is applied to our emotional and spiritual wounds, and the healing process begins.

    "now i know you came
    now i know you know my name
    don't let me be the same"

    I really love this part. 'I know you know my name' says so much about what we believe to be the nature of a personal God, THE personal God, a truly beautiful thing. It is a huge statement of trust, that He "numbered the hairs on our head" while we were in the womb. Could such a God ever really truly abandon us? Could the existence of such a God really leave us in this muck and wreck, or will that knowledge change us, inspire us, help us to bear the tough times in life?

    I think 'now I know you came' might reference Christ; I know you came to this world to turn it upside down, to say that the poor, who in this world are so often crushed under the heels of the rich, will be redeemed and can lay their hope in heaven; that the poor in spirit and the mourners, who have been through trials, will be comforted one day; that the merciful in this life will obtain mercy from their God; that the meek and peacemakers truly show the heart of God, of love. If I am with the poor in spirit, a mourner now, can I not trust that God will comfort me in the end? That he is enough? He sacrificed for me after all...

    [Back to the peaceful, soothing riff from the beginning, things are looking up]

    "well i followed you for years
    Ive got pain and Ive got fears
    then theres moments when it clears
    and Ive been waiting"

    I trusted you, I followed you; and now I am amongst trying situations. I believe, but I have my doubts and/or I am hurting. At times when things are right, and I put things in perspective, I know the Truth: THIS TOO SHALL PASS, that you are there for me, that things will ultimately work out (not that I will get what I want and every life has a simplistic, fairy tale happy ending, but in the greater sense that God is God and worthy of Trust because He is Love and will redeem this broken and messed up world and our screwed up lies and failures and sins, our racism and sexism and hatred and animosities and wars and pollution and corruption and lack of trust and self-destruction and alcoholism and child abuse and greed and laziness; this final salvation that God gives to all to free us from these flaws, which is the meaning of Heaven)

    I've been through this before, and now when the storm abates, I have been waiting in faith and trust, and I know I can rest in assurance in future trials.

    [Outro solo, singin' it loud]

    EyesofaJackalon December 14, 2010   Link

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