Let's take a step back and look how the years have progressed
Progression, recession, reflection in depth
'Cause we all know, in death, that real eyes define the test
Rather than sheep and the shepherd continually butting heads

Or wouldn't you rather shed your skin?
Your vendetta towards the sin you're systematically in?
'Cause we're fearful of fear
And the fear makes us fear
Outcome and actions, reflections and mirrors

Well, I always thought I was open minded to open skies
To open eyes, to manipulation, white elation, call for a solution
Truth and intuition, well, here's a little push, a little pill
A synthetic gap to fill
Here's a little gullible inspiration
I'm just fed up and jacked up on the cup
Had enough getting up, grounded to the illness I've had since I was young guns
Yeah, I'm an outlaw, in law, who's law but my own law
'Cause Johnny Law ain't got a law that my own law won't spit on
I'm ill, yeah, that's sick to all you kids
Who think you can get at this sick ridden in bed
I should be bed ridden or dead next to the bed
Or rid of it standing sickly, dying, catching my breath instead
Sleep walking, rest waltzing, who's talking and insulting your talk
'Cause you're sulking and sleep talking
About romance and pole-vaulting over excuses
And actually being under-minding?

Who's in control? (x4)

So I've come to the conclusion that I'm not only helpless
Only meaning the way I live can be completely selfish
Hellish, I'm mischievous, can't mess with this
So liberalists, don't be so jealous
And fellas and ladies that look like fellas
Won't you tell us when you figure out yourselves
And what life's about and tries to sell us

Solutions occur in long term or short term
And acceptance is vital when a term can't be turned
Into a series of situations with hard times and curves
So relax, lay back, smoke a cigarette
Habit that may just cause cancer
Answers for cancer? You want all these answers
A chance or a cancer that answers enhancers
Enchanters of children and media ranters

We're all doomed
Who's really content with their life anyway these days?
We praise failed marriages, agreements, and papers to be saved
Money shaved off the top and thrown in the bank
We remain safely controlled by the state

Security? What's safe about security that's just the same
As a prison infringing on the rights to use your brain?
If being me is considered to be a crime towards the city
The state, USA conspiracy, heresy
Then my first name is "GUILTY"

A word of advice for the men and the mice
And the ignorant children and adults
Who have the quote: "Answers to life"
The only thing that you know
Is you don't know a thing
Faith and trust and lies we spit and promise rings

I'll assume we're consumed by a material tune
Inevitable 'evitalbe inevitable 'evitable
We're inevitably 'evitable and everybody's inevitably doomed
We're all doomed

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