there’s a war in my head
there’s a war in my head
there’s a war in my head
there’s a war in my head

I created you, made you what you are pullin’ them all niters
in that small tight room in Queens now you’re a songwriter
nurtured your style all while tuckin’ you under the wing
the only right thing I knew to do for my offspring
my little puppet on strings but now you’re nothin’ to me
I oughta’ cut my head off that would be a luxury
just for me to see you fuckin’ suffer and your dreams shatter
all because your greed got out of hand now nothing really matters
How you so pitifully cynical? this is my critically acclaimed shit
maybe a little criminal but I did it to get us famous
yeah I’m Yak Ballz you just finishin’ last dog
young Yashar tryin’ to be a college grad aw look that’s cute
college boy wants to quit rap to, and join the private sector
who am I to object? perhaps he just wasn’t designed to rep
nah never that, I’ma make’em sign the checks and gimme mega cash


It’s like you’re Icarus flying to the sun
I witness it from the eyes in the sockets of the one
who I watched behind lenses borderline schizophrenic become
something of a menace from medicine not meant for my mothers son
and then you came crawlin’ out of my brain
maybe like a baby but I knew you were somethin’ I couldn’t tame
I never gave you a name you just became
and now I can’t drain you out of my head and I’m ashamed of you
you don’t like my ways then fuck you, my state of mind fuck you
lay it on the line come on slit your wrists if you want to
use the pieces of the mirror you looked in when I punched you
just remember you were hooked on them drugs to
no longer a figment of your imagination for entertainment
surreality TV without limited syndication
I always knew this would happen you backstabbin’
’cause your parents won’t have it
the world is ours if we grab it


apocalypse in my head I never thought I’d see it
metamorphosis from sort of a marriage to war between us
its all your fault the evil indeed is tearing me to pieces
endearing I swear it insane with a stroke of genius
man what is you thinkin’? I am us
you know the one that the fans love
in the crowd with their fingers pointin’ to the sky singin’ my anthems
my hands commandin’ the slam dancers
Mr. knowitall aint got all the answers
the plan was never for this, no weed, no drinkin’, no pain
no addiction to drunk brain spitshine finish
motherfucker you’re nothing but a gimmick
so I’m endin’ it before you self-destruct in my image
oh look he’s psychic Yak Ballz a failure I like this
in a bathtub full of blood with his two sliced wrists
it hurts you despise me because I’m good as kin
obviously in your skin I embody what you could’ve been


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