who can deny a stare with the mascara to accent it
or how official your skin when your back’s in it?
maybe its the attraction to a tortured soul
that leaves most of your lovers in the cold, but never me
disintigratin’ inhibitions you’re itchin’ to leap
and indulge in it but what if I’m not ready?
or ever will be, guilty as charged
filthy it’s hard it’s like your hearts in a jar and bein’ tested
its been infected how romantic imagine
your neckline formin’ a V behind the fabric, beauty is classic
gassed up faster filling and no spilling
straight to the top and shatter the glass the ceiling
and lately I’ve been debating whether this love is fake
and conceivin’ the thought to let it share each one of our faces
I see that picture I don’t know if I could paint it
you know I can’t, you aint the type that I would ever stay with
so don’t mistake me for bein’ caught in the talons
the dollface is nothin’ but gift from your parents
in the latest fashion draped in passion
dressed to kill, the queen of the castle God damn it

I got your heart
I know you don’t
you want the pieces but my machine is a chance, I can’t
see I’ve endured
and I’ll live on
the morning is the dawning of us being born, I’m gone

I love your style
It’s so unique
you think I’m pleasing you because I want you weak, it’s cheap
but I’ve endured
and I’ll live on
I will exist inspite of you thinkin’ its wrong, I’m gone

I see the devil in the details horns of jealousy
protruding out of your dark brown hair, my mortal enemy
if trust is a timebomb, then you be the bombsquad
if you can diffuse me, I will let down my guard
now I won’t open that door if there’s a nightmare hidin’ behind it
breakdown, crash, just don’t fuck up my alignment
and so forth, how can you be so sure
you finally found what you were searchin’ for after lookin’ for so long?
you want me to play Odysseus to your Sirens
the guinea pig to your science then sever ties with me
maybe I’m going overboard now I’m sinkin’
with my feet chained under the spell you cast fringing
totally dreamin’ awake so far beyond this sin city
that separates the living from lovers givin’ it up quickly
and the shoe doesn’t fit me in case your wonderin’
I’m just a flash ten seconds after your thunderin’

trust is a timebomb
love is a lifeline
hate is a strong word
when is the right time?
time is just fools gold
the sex is like old news
the silence is so loud
just what have we come to?



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Trust Is A Timebomb song meanings
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