I hate you it’s eating me alive like termites knowing at my skin
you make me sicker than that time I got food poisoning
and couldn’t stop puking my brains out
why why why are you so hazardous to my health?
what did I do to deserve this?
I swear to God I’m going to do something really really bad if I can’t fix this
who are you? who do you think you are?

ask and you shall receive
your wish is my command take my hand and see girl
I love you so much I’ll put my jacket over the mud
so walk over it like a bridge of love
and then throw you off of it when no one’s looking
lets take a long walk on the beach barefoot and enjoy the sun
maybe kiss with our toes in the ocean
I’ll feed you strawberries dip’em in hot chocolate
your voice is so soothing please don’t stop talking
yeah right after I put this ductape over your trap
I wanna rub you down with lotion and ether rag you
I said pumpkin I just might have to
get a job so I can shower you with rose petals
candle light dinners that’s right a real winner
that’s not what your friends think
we got nothin’ in common
I mean so much in common I can’t believe you like ice cream that’s so random
what a tandem I wanna bury you I wanna marry you
six feet deep I’ll take care of you

you don’t know what I’m capable of
take all your lies with rat poison and swallow them
chase it with hydrofluoric acid
I won’t stand here and let you walk all over me like a cigarette butt
like I’m some kind of idiot lying on the ground while you kick me
adding insult to injury
bickering to no end for no particular reason at all
I’m over it, I’m so over it
I feel like I don’t even know you anymore

Hey love, you look so pretty this morning
Let me make you eggs breakfast in bed
yup that’s what I said then pop pop these self prescribed meds
some more OJ, coffee you need anything call me
and I’ll be gone before you can count to ten
peaceful when sleep beauty you emanate
wake the beast and get shredded to pieces by like she’s leatherface
oh baby I was just tellin Camu about how good the movie was
you picked out yesterday
yo dog that might of been the worst movie I ever saw in my life
the most thoughtful and generous
you give me hell every chance you get
my lady I’m your gentleman
and I would do pretty much anything to please you
and teach you like my pupil so why wouldn’t I keep you
with all this time invested come on you think I’m stupid?
I’ll open doors and windows of opportunity
just brewin’ whatever you feed consuming me
and I’ll be sucked in so deep it might ruin me
so foolishly on a leash a lunatic crazy just about you and me
you got that off though I can’t even front
ask and you shall receive your wish is my command take my hand and see girl
I’ll walk the desert, swim across seven sees
but won’t leave the second you want beef

gone is the ideal
that idea that I hold dear
lost my sleep well you’re a deep well
that I dive in at all costs
floss your pretty little poisons
when the noise ends you’re turned off
and I’m left posin’ on this cross
but I still pump blood
’cause that’s your drug and I give u what u need
but what’s love for u? so rotten
and for me I bottom feed
and if I’m stuck with my eyes fixed on an open door to leave
’cause in this hole we dug there just aint room enough for me

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