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see me in a trout mask replica
in a cheap suit with a magnum that only shoots a flower out the end of it
reassemble and stitch me back together again
whenever I self destruct dependin’ on your love
Godzilla meets King Kong gorilla rap
poppin’ milligrams oxygen tank filled with pills and ash
cinematic scenes spliced and grafted
attached to you like backstage passes, I’m manic
move like a pack of wolves food is wild animals
mechanical with a couple of screws loose nothing that can’t handle you
the ulcer in the belly of the beast no enemies
sweep through bodies like venom and amphetamines
a good marriage like Weathermen CC not PC
with a Tec to the screen when the President’s on TV
I take it easy never worry ’bout leaving
die every night then wake up so I don’t need’em to freeze me

now interrupting your regularly scheduled program
while you at home and watching music video’s oh you’re so amped
what about my video? close to no chance
so I had to take matters into my own hands, make up my own plans
shoot my new show on my own I’m going for broke man
now the whole world can see me
I am Yak Ballz and this is Yak Ballz TV

cruisin’ through electric forcefields fumes and
nuclear waste stuck to my shoes for amusement
slashin’ like a boxcutter in Cardboard City
there’s more tags than department stores
carnivores walk the streets with Gucci and studded belts
I hold mirrors to UV’s to see if the sun’ll melt
summer, hell, stinks, garbage
two Papaya dogs and an orange drink scarfed it, incredible
vaporize’em all like tripods when tentacles stomp
destabilized from the medical trauma unit
and I can see clearly now that the media’s muted
my brain is convoluted its gonna take more than a public address
to soothe and subdue it homey
mark of the beast I tattooed it on me
I got suicide girls so you and what army
is gonna put a stop to this army? I’m sorry


Yak Ballz TV viewers at home get OCD
season premiere they line up for the screening
and the sky blackens Manhattan is ominous
I put out the signal, satellites transmit through cable boxes
YB down heat like Don Vito
incognito reinvented myself I’m back like Deepthroat
double helix stem-cell the strands so my genes cloned
so I’m fresh in the west, a beast on the east coast
these chemicals in my system affect my mechanisms
runnin’ through a blizzard in snow pants on your television
how far can I bend this to my best interest?
if love is blind I guess I’m one sense less, I’m senseless
walk on water, aquasox the endorser
Molotov on the rocks on order, beam me up
until the next ep or they extend the contract
until the next time we make contact Ballz out


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