"Autumn Beds" as written by Isaac Brock, Eric Judy, Tom Peloso, Jeremiah Green, Johnny Marr and Joe Plummer....
We won't be sleeping in our autumn beds
We won't be sleeping in our autumn beds

We won't be sleeping in our autumn beds
We won't be sleeping in our autumn beds

October came
Our case got stuck with the day again
They pulled up the welcome mat
So many times they hurt their back
As sure as clocks are bleeding time
We'll show up early just to wait in line

We won't be sleeping
We won't be sleeping
We won't be sleeping
We won't be sleeping

As August came
Our case is drawing to an end
They said guilty so many times
All I heard was just the buzzing lights
As sure as lead sinks were the same
We're just more laundry that they need to hang

We won't be sleeping in our autumn beds
We won't be sleeping in our autumn beds
We won't be sleeping
We won't be sleeping
We won't be sleeping
We won't be sleeping
We won't be sleeping in our autumn beds
We won't be sleeping in our autumn beds
We won't be sleeping
We won't be sleeping
We won't be sleeping
We won't be sleeping
We won't be sleeping in our autumn beds

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"Autumn Beds" as written by Isaac Brock, Eric Judy, Tom Peloso, Jeremiah Green, Johnny Marr, Joe Plummer

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Autumn Beds song meanings
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    General Commentwow, i can't believe people don't think this song is about death.

    "autumn" is typically a reference to the end of one's life. the "autumn years" it's as if your life is represented by a calendar year, you're a baby in a brand new year, then spring comes and you discover life, summer is middle age, and as you wind down your life, autumn comes.

    He's talking about not wanting to die, or "sleep in his autumn bed"

    The trial is another metaphor for life/death. Everyone's life is a "trial" and at the end of it, we ALL get the same sentence...death.

    the song IS a little repetetive tho. they couldve thrown in another verse or something. no complaints tho!

    anyone else see my point of view on the meaning of the song?
    Synergisticon July 30, 2009   Link
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    General Commentokay i think ive found a way to make this connect with the whole 'sailor story continuation' theory:

    -in dashboard the ship is destroyed and theyre stranded
    -in here its like theyre knocked out and are almost dead but the afterlife 'pulls up the welcome mat' on them and they realize what happened so they wouldnt be 'sleeping in their autmn beds'
    -and whale song is theyve been swallowed up by the whale and now they have to find a way out

    but idk. i didnt write the song
    Popatire23on July 26, 2009   Link
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    My Opinionstraight-up love this song
    flanders062on June 17, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt's a beautiful song. Sat on my ass, worked my fingers to the bone pressing the "refresh" button on spinner.com waiting for this to stream for about two maybe three hours on Tuesday. (I am well aware I just made a reference to another Modest Mouse song, by the by.)

    It's nice and peaceful. Has the Ugly Casanova vibe. I've been missing that.
    CarbonStealeron June 20, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis is sucha beautiful song modest mouse is amazing
    i wish i could have even half the talent of any of them
    the whole song just remides me of fall and the feeling of fatigue
    Littlelouiseon June 25, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI love the kazoos. It just completes this song

    Although, I'm pretty sure it's "they pulled out the welcome mat" not "they rolled up the welcome mat."
    CarbonStealeron June 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI enjoyy this song It's a bit repetitive though,i'm not complaining but still
    But I don't get how it's an autumm bed..
    shakelly_blackmouthon June 30, 2009   Link
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    General CommentJust got this single along with the whale song at my radio station. It came with lyrics and the only things wrong with the lyrics above are:

    They pulled UP the welcome mat(because they have been there so many times, and each time they are NOT welcome, and the people at the court hurt their backs pulling up the welcome mat figuratively speaking.)


    WE'LL show up early just to wait in line (there is more than one person involved in all of this, as you can tell with the WE throughout.)

    This is about the dragging out of a trial and after some time the subject of the song along with an accomplice is found guilty of a crime. They were found guilty in august, so their Autumn Beds just represent where they would be sleeping more comfortably in the upcoming season, fall.

    Modest Mouse is releasing an EP this august of songs that didn't make it onto Good News and We Were Dead. This was definately off the Good News set.
    kyle16813on July 04, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song surely belongs on We Were Dead. I would say it goes near Fly Trapped In A Jar. The Whale song would have been a better ending than People as Places as People, too. I've Got it All(most) and King Rat are from Good News. The others are likely original content.
    sonicmariolinkon July 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt makes me think about how some religious and closed-minded people tend to judge others. I don't think Isaac is referring to a literal "DA" or court/jury, etc. IMO, from Isaac's point of view, he's being judged no matter what he does. Most religions always have a set of rules that, in their opinion, all humanity is supposed to follow in order to be redeemed and included in the "Kingdom."

    "They pulled up the welcome mat so many times they hurt their back..." -Sometimes certain religions or belief systems form an elitist-type of group and look at everyone else as outsiders who don't have the "answers in life," because they think they do. The welcome mat is there to only welcome anyone who agrees with them or who can benefit their group in some way. They don't like anyone who questions or opposes their views, because they like to feel secure within their group. Therefore, they pull up the welcome mat to those who think outside the box, and hurt themselves all along because they are the ones who are truly missing out in life.

    "They said guilty so many times, all I heard was the buzzing lights..." -A lot of people who have made mistakes have been judged and talked about so much, they become numb or apathetic.

    "Sure as lead sinks just the same" - This makes me think of the references to death that Isaac often uses. We're all going to die, and most religions believe in an afterlife because humans have a desire to believe they're more than just animals.

    "Just more laundry they need to hang..." There's always people who twist others people's words and actions justify their warped opinions and beliefs. They need to judge others so that they can feel comforted that they're the "good" people.

    AUTUMN BEDS sounds like it belonged on "Good News" for sure. The song "World at Large" says: "I like the Autumn, but this place is getting old." That line always makes me think of Jack Kerouac, the brilliant author and poet. He lived many years as a drifter, always searching for some kind of meaning to life. He always became restless in Autumn. As he got older, he hated fame, became bitter and reclusive. He drank himself to death, and died at the beginning of Autumn.

    In the first verse, the "case" goes to the "DA" in October - just when everything is bright and lovely in most parts of the country. By November, it's usually dead and brown. Autumn is the season when the leaves turn the brightest and most beautiful, just before they die. Autumn is harvest time.

    The second verse mentions August, when summer is winding down, and Autumn's onset isn't far away. I've heard life compared to the seasons. Autumn is when you should be enjoying the fruits of your labor. You should be reaping what you sow and enjoying the grand finale and beauty in everything.

    "We won't be sleeping in our Autumn Beds..." - The beauty has somehow been taken away from the "golden years." There'll be no rest, peace, or comfort when it should be the time to be resting, peaceful, and comfortable. It could be about someone's life coming to a close, but not in the way they expected because it's not when they're old, or they've made too many mistakes, etc. That, or other people won't leave the past alone, stop judging, and let things go. The beauty in death (or being able to let an old mistake die) has been taken away.
    drunkontheamtrakon July 15, 2009   Link

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