Hold tight, if I'd only known it could rain
Keel over
Take a stand
Trying to keep my head on my shoulders
Overflow, undertow
Trying to keep my head above water.

Believe me- I'm a fighter 'till the end
Look into my eyes
It's all on fire
My life needs fire; I want roses
Strewn at my feet.

Moving in,
Moving out
The current pulls me
Stay buoyant
I tumble, doing deep-sea cartwheels

Outside it's dark
I catch my breath and scream
It's all on fire
My life needs fire,
I want roses strewn at my feet.

It's all on fire,
my life needs fire,
I want roses strewn at my feet.

Soundlessly I fade away.
I sail, I float far away.
A thousand clues and second-thoughts lie deep in the belly of my heart
If I listen so close...
It's all on fire,
my life needs fire; I want roses.

Meanwhile, I float on the sea.
Moving in,
Moving out.
Outside it's dark again.
Still, I realize what a fine line you walk along,
tight-roping between sink or swim, or fall or stand...

I sit here,
I stare and still I see it's raining.
Hard to say, hard to see.
Hard to know, hard to tell....
It's raining.

Hard to know, hard to say
It's raining.
Hard to know, hard to tell
It's raining, it's raining.

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    General CommentThis is one of my most often played songs. I interpret it a few different ways, depending on (of course) my mood.

    1) The way I interpret it is that the woman singing has a lot constantly overwhelming her, making her feel things, consuming her, pushing her under the water and drowning her, if you will. And that's her life; battling dragons, finding ways to swim and float is her life. It's hectic and it's a challenge, but she needs that "fire", that challenge, that difficulty. She needs to be in danger of drowning.

    But at the same time, she has a lover who has to be able to challenge her- be the "fire"- and be sensitive enough to make her feel secure and loved- she wants roses. The lover has to "walk along" that "fine line", and she can't make it any easier for him/her because that's just who she is, plain and simple. She's a woman who needs to feel both challenged and beloved. And it's hard because when her lover doesn't provide for once type of her emotional needs- she may realize that she's expecting perhaps too much and that (s)he does love her, but can't read minds- she feels that darkness. If he gives her fire when she wants roses, she feels like her lover might be getting tired of tight-rope walking for her, and if he gives her roses and forgets about the fire, she's not getting what she needs. She's in the security of that relationship, but she sees the rain threatening it. She sees her rain threatening it. She always sees that darkness/rain as being able to consume her love / her lovers love.

    2) Sometimes I feel like the singer has sunk into a numb kind of depression, but still has her lover who tries to help her, who tries to pull her out of herself and get her to feel something. And it's like, she wants to feel something and she does appreciate her lover trying to connect her with the world, but she sometimes wonders if the lover still loves her, or just wants her to be something different. And she ties to fight the depression and stay with her lover when it hits, but she's not strong enough. She gets sucked under.

    She needs to occasionally feel something; she recognizes that the numbness isn't enough, for her or for her lover, but she can't help but be sucked into the cold water by the tidal force of her depression. When she is pulled into the numbness, she sees her lover tight-rope walking, trying to be what she needs, but she can't do anything to help him/her. She's stuck in her self, in her numbness, in her depression. She's cold, staring at this person who she loves and who loves her, but she can't feel that love when she gets sucked under. All she feels/sees is her own nothingness.

    I really don't have one way of seeing this song. It's so subjective (or at least I treat it that way), and I love, love, love it.
    MemoryWakeon June 13, 2009   Link

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