This conflict burns in my veins, I feel injustice surround, stopping my movement in hope
The stinging words of the crowd, they speak of me like I've lost my mind, like I am some kind of joke
I see the enemies rage, I hear the sickening voice taunt, I feel his wicked eyes shine
Simply no longer afraid I throw my head back and laugh, and take a drink of new wine
The fight is over your souls

Sons of Thunder
Calling the fire down
Burning with hope
Sons of Thunder

My only weapon is truth, hatred's more powerful or so it would seem, sapping my belief in all the things you've shown in the secret
My friends and family just scream, angry at you and they cry out to me
They speak sincere unbelief and inside them they meant it

Sons of Thunder
Calling the fire down
Burning with hope
Sons of Thunder

Over come this world with love

Is there no one who understands, has everyone turned aside, is anyone listening, someone hear me
Does anyone understand, has everyone turned their own way, Father help me, return!

In that moment I have felt my life slip from my hands
Becoming heaven's weapon
In that instant felt your spirit enter mortal man
See you in Armageddon
Bringing me home.

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    General CommentThis is one of my favorite Sleeping Giant songs. so powerful. The last verse pumps me right up lol. i think this song is about no matter how much the world brings you down and mocks you, if you look to christ he will restore your hope and give you strength to keep fighting. thats what i got from it at least. oh and there were a few mistakes: inside them they SILENTLY mean it, and in the second chorus instead of burning with hope it is bringing me hope.
    MusicLover19on July 13, 2009   Link
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    My Interpretationto me it seems more like it is about the battle between sin & hatred and goodness & love. and that sin is winning. but he will never give up the battle
    MeTAlHeAd231on March 30, 2011   Link

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