I forgot just how to be brave, I lost it along the way. I know you hurt, I see it on your face, everyday. I don't know what, what I can say, it's not like I understand. I know you hurt, I see it on your face everyday.

Been looking for the string you tied when everyone just left your side. I'm searching for the answers in the dark. There's something in the way you say, that hope is lost and you can't find your way. Maybe we're all just too afraid. Sounds like a train, I can not stop. To save our lives. I only want the best for you, You deserve to be happy. Tied to a notion that we inherently hurt, we weather on and poison sucks the life right out of us. Leaves us empty. Leaves us wanting so much more.

Shield your eyes. Try to be the light. Heads down heads down. Closer now closer now we stay hearts out, hands out. I won't let this misery breathe its breath anymore. We could be so much more.We'll help each other find the things we're searching for.

Close our fists just to protect. It doesn't have to be that way.

Never find the searchlight in the storm. Never see the cause for our alarm. Never find the strength to be at peace.

Breathe and just be silent. There's blood in your teeth from choking and all the giving up. You've staggered for so long, it's all you know now. And the headaches proclaimed, there's no charge, so you stay broken. Your life's a fucked facade. Your anxious arms built better bombs for everyone to feel just what you've felt. Your nervous heart's been cauterized so many times, you've closed up, let no one in. Your trembling hands hold one more match as you watch your past go down in flames. Burn it all.
And with that last match you plan to set yourself on fire.
I know you're wounded. There's no need to compare our wrists. We all feel defeated. We've grown so bitter for never knowing trust. You're always nervous. Your shaking hands give you away, and your trouble breathing. But you always kept such good company. I know the feeling, fucked from the start, so fuck the ending. We all feel defeated. Expose your bones to find there's nothing really there. I shake with panic. My shifting eyes gave me away, and my trouble talking. But I always kept such good company. We all feel alone. I know the feeling. Fucked from the start, so fuck the ending. We feel defeated. Too lost to see our recovery.

Was it the act of getting hurt, or the fact that it still hurts? That keeps you questioning and always over-analyzing everything. You've grown stagnant in your own desperation. You'll always feel this way. There's no recovering. There's just learning how to breathe.

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