Do you want to bathe in pools of blood?
Dear God oh no, not again
We will contemplate the symptoms we can't comprehend
You don't have to wait for the judgment day
Judgment will happen everyday
And fear is what will frame you, not your DNA

I don't wonder about your pyramids
And I don't ponder where Hoffa's body is
So sign your petitions and go to your meaningless marches
Proceed to the protest, set fire to drapes
There is no beauty that can be attained
When all you got's a shovel, everything will look like a grave

Ohh, are you smelling flowers and looking around for the gardens?
Or are you smelling flowers and looking around for the coffins?

Come to the light, the light is good
There are bags of blood here waiting
The sheeps are with our wolves
Come to the light, the light seems safe, we have ways to make you talk
Where sheeps can safely, sheeps can safely graze

Come to the light, the light is good
There is blood for breakfast lately
'Cause why not? We're all doomed
Come to the light, the light fluoresced
We have ways to make you talk
But I am horrified that you will say it's meaningless
A cosmic joke on me
Someday this will all be yours
We are gonna get what we came for
To whistle past the graveyard
Baby clams, you thought you could have it all
But now you've had your first snoot full
And it will bury you all
Someday this will all be yours

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We Have Ways to Make You Talk (The Human Condition) song meanings
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    Song MeaningThis song is a perfect finale. The theme of the whole album is about natural disasters like floods and blizzards, but then this song is subtitled "The Human Condition" implying that we are a disaster unto ourselves.

    The whole song is about everything humans will do to themselves and each other. The lyrics refer to conspiracies (Pyramids, Hoffa's body), religion (Judgment Day, "I am horrified that you would say it's meaningless", maybe also "come to the light"), torture ("we have ways to make you talk"), and protests/riots (petitions, meaningless marches, "set fire to drapes").
    caboose218on January 10, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI'm pretty sure he's saying "sheeps", not "sheep" in the 3rd stanza.

    I think the song's meaning is pretty self-evident (apocalyptic stuff pretty much like the rest of the album), but what the hell is with the "baby clams" thing?
    twitchdemonon June 21, 2009   Link
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    My OpinionI agree with caboose, and I will add that I also believe the song has a lot to do with fear, extreme emotion, lying and turning on one another.. All human conditions. Basically, through out the entire album, we see natural disasters and at the same time we see human interpretations of these disasters, in a way. The disaster is paired in title with a human condition. All human caused and spread. As for this song, several parts stick out to me:

    Are you smelling flowers, and looking around for the gardens, or are you smelling flowers and looking around for the coffins?"

    I think of this line as "glass half empty, glass half full" to extremes. On one side, you have your average person looking at life through rose tinted glasses. everything can be changed for the better, everything has the potential for goodness. "Things will get better over time." On the other hand, You have the overly paranoid and fearful person who doesn't trust and is always waiting for the bad things to happen. "Things will get worse over time." Optimism and pessimism.

    "The sheeps are with our wolves"
    You've all heard of the term "Wolf in sheeps clothing", right? This makes me think of infiltrators.. Either used to gain trust and then attack, or perhaps to quietly instill fear in a group, or even to spread lies or convince the majority to do something they wouldn't normally do or that they are against, while feeling their future choices are right, since they are all one equal group, or "all sheep here". "Sheeps can safely graze" might mean the group has no idea anything is sour, even though they've changed their normal habits (The chorus changes from "Bags of blood here waiting", implying if anything bad happens, there is a lifeline to save them all, to "There is blood for breakfast lately, 'cause why not, we're all doomed?" which implies a drastic changed behaviour and mentality, without questioning or concern as to why.) The sheep feel safe, but in reality are quite vulnerable.

    The wolves could loosely be interpreted as government, the sheeps can loosely be interpreted as the mass of people against. "We have ways to make you talk" and "So sign your petitions and go on to your meaningless marches" sound like a major looming force that may be intimidated by the masses but do not show their fear, and also have ways to bring them down from the inside (Again with the wolves vs/ sheep).

    "There is no beauty that can be obtained- When all you got's a shovel, everything will look like a grave" could possibly be the middle ground. The people who are aware of corruption, who see the wolves in the crowd, but feel they are powerless.. The cogs in the machine. They have the power to fight with their knowledge, but are afraid of the consequences, so they remain shut-lipped. The observers as opposed to the fighters. "There is nothing I can do." This can go along with "Someday this will all be yours, we're gonna get what we came for, to whistle past the graveyard". Essentially I think this is the belief that someday everything will be okay, and the middle-grounders have the belief that even in staying out of the ordeal, the "right side" will prevail and the outcome will be better than before.

    "someday this will all be yours" can be the promise from either side; The side of wolf or the side of sheep. It's the hopeful mantra of the clashing of sides. But on the same spectrum "Baby clams (Just a nickname, i'm sure), you thought you could have it all... and it'll bury you all" is the wolf looking over the hole it's dug for the sheep over time (Time catches up with us all. many protests/historical events/corrupt circumstances go on for years without any change, and sometimes are forgotten about or swept under the rug entirely) and yet still promises a good outcome for the sheep as it's burying them alive. "Someday this will all be yours.."
    ChillyKittenon June 17, 2014   Link

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