On the day Chicago locked its doors for good
Our headless chickens pushed and pecked along their Southbound route
To cluck the atrocity, their beaks are posturing
At and old vampire; the forest fire
Any day our windy city's gonna blow it out for you

I'll keep a horseshoe on my step, I'll keep a cross around my neck
While draping garlic above our bed
All good luck, amulets and aids will dab your forehead, keep you safe
From the forest fire rage
Our fine crystal will cling, we'll drink to anything
If it keeps the highways moving, keeps commuting smooth for you
I'm drawing a bloodbath with or without you

On the day the fire nibbled your neighborhood
We guard our brimstone as if it was gravestone
While the blaze was blown loose, our cottage knees shaking
The flames were giggling with the embers beaming, its chest its beating
That little house we made gets gobbled up by flames

I'll mash my foot down on the gas of any black cat that cross my path
Than to risk it and lay it in my lap
We keep our umbrellas down here, we toss the salt behind our ears
The good looks weren't worth the seven years
With tightly coiled springs that snap for anything
We're gonna keep a lighter to it, even while it burns for you
I'm going to heaven with or without you

I'll keep a horseshoe on my step, I'll keep a cross around my neck
Draping garlic above our bed
All ladder legs we walk around, no burning flags will touch the ground
The same one that our cracks we found, and I swear to God...
I'll bury a bible in these halls, I'll bury a black cat between the walls
Good luck, Godspeed, God damn you all
God damn you all

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I'm Going to Heaven With or Without You (The Forest Fire) song meanings
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    My InterpretationThe spoken word sample at the beginning of the song is from the Woody Allen movie, September:

    "That it's all random. That everything is resonating aimlessly out of nothing, eventually vanishing forever. I'm not talking about the world; I'm talking about the universe. All space, all time–just temporary convulsion. [...] I think it's just as beautiful as you do–and vaguely evocative of some deep truth that always just keeps slipping away. [...] I understand it for what it truly is–haphazard, morally neutral, and unimaginably violent."

    As for the meaning of the song, like everything else on this brilliant album, "I'm Going to Heaven..." has defiant lyrics and chaotic music, trying to make sense of human existence in relationship to tragedy and death. The words here hint at people who are just living it up while the world burns ("We'll drink to anything, if it keeps the tires moving, keeps commuting smooth for you.")

    Randomness and the "unimaginably violent" world can't for forestalled by aimless rituals such as salt-throwing or avoiding black cats. The band is also openly hostile toward religion here, including wearing "a cross around my neck" as one of these futile actions in the face of certain death.

    Although this song doesn't quite indict the Almighty the way other tracks on the album do (see "What Should We Do With Your Body," ie), the unspoken theme here is a powerful one: that if God does indeed exist, then human violence, pain and death may actually be enjoyable for Him. It's a terrifying thought, and one that suits this incendiary, black-humored music quite well.

    JCReeheron May 21, 2010   Link
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    General CommentWhen I hear this song, I can't help but think about communities that continually are assaulted by natural disasters. I always wonder why anyone would live in an area in which they run the chance of loosing everything they own.

    I think this has allot to do with superstition and how it won't save you. Ultimately you can only save yourself.

    This may be my favorite song on this Album. It's just so intense.
    chaosmagickon September 28, 2009   Link
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    General Commentin other words it doesent matter what you do your gonna die.
    rgsoloman5000on June 19, 2010   Link

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