"Damn this morning ass some chillin' shit!"
"Sometimes I wish I was a member of AC/DC"
"how come?"
"Because then I probably wouldn't be standing out here outside, ya know? Fuck, Y'know, I'd be in America playing my guitar or maybe in some other country onstage or something instead standing out here in the snow, y'know."

I can see frost in the corner of my window seals
Dirty crib, blunt-guts where the indo spills
A bitter chill from shoveling snow
hustling blow and ecstasy pills to pay electricity bills
It's winter time, you see it in my facial features
It's like a parallel hell were Satan freezes
The reason we're trembling embrace our heaters
the season were Timberlands replace our sneakers
The trees look so wicked with no leaves in it
The breeze is so frigid that it freezes liquid
When I start up the whip can't just jump in it
gotta let that shit run for like fifteen minutes
The summer's too short, winters already here
It feels like it lasts 80% of the year
Something in my mind snaps every single time
that its winter time (winter time) winter time.

come around my way and see how cold it gets
you wont forget (NO!)
Come around my way and see how cold it be
It's holdin' me (NO!) (2x)

verse 2:
rock stars fly by in the night time skies
when the wind covers the earth and everything dies
We know how to stay on the grind like snow plows
vile weather turns cities to virtual ghost towns
Start hitting this box with frost bitten hands
snowflakes drift to the ground and gently expand
Its like God spread coke on the mirror to blow
and icicals grow in every single inch of your soul
We see it both ways, as of the dope; I give no praise
When I was a child I would pray for snow days
Six different chicken broth, water and o.j.
Thinking that I'm sick when I really feel ok
Get out of school, there ain't a reason better
You try waiting out for the bus in freezing weather
Something in my soul dies every single time that its
winter time (winter time) winter time

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