There's something in the oven again, but this time we've got control
No digital media reject haunts the steam above the stove
In fact, all of those old haunts have up and flown
Now we're left with ash but no breath, so we're gonna take it slow
So if the fire's hot we'll let it burn, burn on through the night
And since the things that you feared most have finally taken flight
There's no consequence for tenderness, although you might
Still be burned by the bachelor blaze, it'll be alright
'Cause you've reconciled the struggle between what's real and what's not
Some specters still lurk through your dreams but they can only watch
And the days have funny endings though the nights are just as long
You're old enough now to admit it when you're wrong
This is no time for speeding, no time for cheating, 'cause what do cheaters ever get?
Except a fart car or an electric guitar, or maybe just pass that test
You know it's hard to find someone who's not afraid to be missed
And if that stereotype that says "you mustn't be mice" is true, I'll just have to guess
Behind the wires, behind the mirrors, sincerity still exists
But the opaque shadows of once meaningful lives keep it repressed
If there's one thing that you should know for sure, it's this
That the ghosts only talk to those willing to turn, so resist
And you've thought about the difference between sleep and being awake
They can walk through while you're dreaming, but they cannot take
The days have funny endings though the nights are just as long
You're old enough now to admit when you're wrong
The boys believe, the boys believe, there's not that much to see
And the girls agree, the girls agree, let's see what's on TV
The girls believe, the girls believe, there's not all that much to see
And the boys agree, the boys agree, let's see what's on
You're old enough now to start singing your own song

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Ghost Dream Redux song meanings
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