I work on earth
Baron and brown
Smuggling seedlings
Something will

I watch the seeds
Turning a tree
Foreign insects
Trespass the

I work on earth
Baron and brown
Frail and sunburnt
Unlike my

It strains away
Gathering height
Closer to God but
Further from

It joined the earth
Baron and brown
Same in context
I hated its sight

I tore the limbs
Stripped off the bark
If I can't grow here
Neither will

I’m allowed to grow
In the vision of God
But he'll strip off my bark if
I grow to the

I’m allowed to live
As a symbol of birth
But nothing, no nothing, is
ever, ever

I’m allowed to grow
In the vision of God
But he'll tear off my limbs if I
grow to the

I’m allowed to curse him
If he's the one that built me
I’m allowed to use
his fucking name in vain

I dream sleeping beneath it
I dream being its
Teaching all there is to teach about the world

I'll stretch out my
And outgrow this fucking world
If it gets me killed then so be it
I’m tired of the world
And the world is tired of me

The tree won't
grow and nor the world around
I never knew that I'd destroy it all

I could
plant a seed and grow another tree
But I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired

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Hollow Be My Name song meanings
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    My InterpretationWow, overall this is a tight, amazing song. I couldn't ask for anything more from Eleventh He Reaches London. The concept about the album seems to be more or less about colonial Australia. In their single, Girt By Piss, it's themes are pretty apparent.
    My first guess is that it is a family analysis. The family is probably one far away and one losing faith in the concept character (let's just call him Don). "It strains away/ Gathering height/ Closer to God but/ Further from me". I have strong beliefs that the character is sent as a convict because of his crimes in England, away from his family. It fits with the name "Hollow Be My Name".
    My second guess is that the tree is a object merely to compare Don's existence, or at least, to god [I tore the limbs/ Stripped off the bark/ If I can't grow here/ Neither will he]. Obviously, Don is angrily questioning is faith and meaning of life. The song features some very strong, depressive lyrics, most of them are stagnated on Don's self-proclaimed pathetic life. Just about everything he does is in vain, just like growing the tree in the barren earth. What I can't get is how the tree is named "he" in one verse ONLY.
    But meh this is my comment on this site, so I've probably got most of this wrong.
    PogPigleton October 04, 2010   Link

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